Get Rid of Sandal Funk

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In our house, warm weather means sandals.  All over the house, you’ll find flip-flops, Chacos, Keens, and Crocs.  Bye-bye tennis shoes, we’ll see you in the fall.  Well with this change of footwear comes a change of smell.  Instead of having their sweaty-feet odors contained in their shoes, they waft out for everyone to smell.

Honestly, I am sometimes amazed by how rank those little sandals can get.  I just that must just mean that they’re busy playing and working up a sweat 🙂

Although it’s only June, we already have some smelly ones that we needed to tackle.  Normally, my solution has just been soap and water, or the occasional trip through the washing machine.  This usually works okay, but sometimes you need something stronger.

This was never more clear than when my brother visited.  This guy loves his Chacos.  I mean LOVES them.  He’s a Chaco challenge sort of guy (meaning that he finds a way to wear them 365 days a year).  In the summer that’s not a big deal since he’s a river guide and they get a daily rinse.  However, by the end of winter they have an aroma all their own.  Most people would be grossed out by this (okay I kind of was too), but we took it as the ultimate opportunity to try Nikwax’s Sandal Wash.

This sandal cleaner was really easy to use with a simple sponge top applicator.  To get them really clean, we scrubbed with a nail brush as well.  Rinse away and enjoy the smell.  Honestly.  You see, we did a little test, comparing this product to the typical soap and water treatment we usually do.  A few days later, the true results came in.  The sandal washed with Nikwax was less stinky.  Now for serious sandal funk (like we were working with), it’s going to take several applications to kill all the smell and bacteria, but it’s totally worth it!

Go ahead, give it a try.  Everyone around you will be grateful you did!


Nikwax provided us with Sandal Wash for us to test out for this review.  As always, these are our honest opinions and are not influenced by any outside compensation.



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