Extreme Hide and Seek in the Luxembourg Casemates

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17 km of tunnels winding up, down, in and out of the rock.  The remains of an ancient fortress that not only protected a city, but also houses shops, animals and soldiers.

The once famous “Gibralter of the North”, the Casemates in Luxembourg City are preserved and renewed for visitors.

And they would be the best location for an extreme game of hide and seek.

Yes, as we were exploring the Casemates, this was the thought that kept running through my head.  As our kids ran and ducked into and out of tunnels, I couldn’t help but imagine how awesome it would be to play an extreme game of hide and seek here…but not for about 15 years.  (You know, when my kids wouldn’t all get lost, and end up crying until some poor tourist stumbled across them, or worse yet they might decide that they liked it more there than in our tiny rental car and never come out when we call for them to leave…no, that game will have to wait until they’re teenagers and we actually WANT to lose them).

Here’s why you’ve got to go:

The view from on top:




The tunnels:
casemates casemates2

On the inside looking out:


So if you see us around 2029 or so and are wondering where our summer vacation will be, chances are that we’ll tell you we’re headed back to Luxembourg…for the most extreme game of hide and seek EVER!

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