Emily Jackson: Freestyle Kayaking Champ…Even While Pregnant

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Emily Jackson is one of the hottest names in professional kayaking.  Not only does she win competitions left and right, but she’s part of the legendary Jackson family (creators of Jackson kayaks), and is the wife of pro-kayaker Nick Troutman.

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Last summer, she did even more to set herself apart from the crowd.  While pregnant with her first, she competed all throughout the summer on the freestyle kayaking circuit, topping it all off with a gold medal win at the Payette River Games…while she was 9-months-pregnant.

Yes, she won GOLD at 9-months PREGNANT!!

This girl is an inspiration to us all.  Doing what she loves, being great at it, and taking care of her body while pregnant.

“Kayaking while being pregnant was just about paying more attention to my body in general. I did everything I would normally do but obviously took a lot fewer boating risks. I got a little more rest and did a little less kayaking…. The doctor said, as long as you’re doing something that your body is already conditioned to do it will be totally safe for the baby. That’s what I focused on the whole time – doing moves my body was already really familiar with. It made the pregnancy go really smoothly.”  Emily mentioned in an interview here.  
Now honestly, go check out this video she made for even more adventurous pregnancy inspiration.

As Emily said,  “I think that your health and stamina reflect on your child and the future. As long as you’re able and accustomed to being an athlete it’s the most important thing you can do. I had zero pregnancy complications. I think 90% of that has to do with the fact that I was so active. The other thing is that your health and mental attitude have a direct correlation on these nine months. You need to be doing what makes you happy as long as it’s safe for your child. When it comes to your daily routines you have to take time to make sure you are healthy and happy because that’s going to have the biggest impact on your child.” in an interview here.  

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