Eco Vessel Kids Water Bottle Review

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Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope that today is filled with fun, good food, and great memories.

Thank you for joining us for day 4 of our 12 Days of Outdoor Christmas.  Today we’re thrilled that Eco Vessel has given us one of their Kids Insulated Straw bottles to review.  When we take our kids on adventures, we know it’s crucial to get them to drink a lot.  It’s no fun to have a tired and dehydrated kid.  The best way to get them to drink lots?  Give them an AWESOME water bottle.  

That’s why we’re so excited about Eco Vessel – our kids LOVE THEM!  Right off the bat, I noticed that these are 100% recyclable and BPA free, making them good for the environment and for your kids.  For our family, these bottles are a great intermediate bottle between a sippy cup and a full sized water bottle (our kids still have a hard time getting most pop-top bottles closed all the way).  I’m sure it helps that both Mason and Chloe are completely obsessed with straws, asking for one several times a day!  They also have a more grown up designs than most kids water bottles, which Mason loved.  In fact, the bottle that they sent us has flames on it just like his bike, which he was quick to notice and rave about.  They are easy to hold with their contoured shape and have a textured surface so they don’t slip out of your hands.  The straw easily pops up for drinking and is made of a soft rubber-like material.  Unlike a sippy cup, the kids can actually get a good amount of water out with each drink, so I know they’re more likely to stay hydrated.

One problem that we’ve had with several of our other water bottles is leaking.  Nobody wants to have everything in your pack get wet because of a water bottle failure.  So the first thing I did was to fill it up with water and put it upside down on a napkin.  An hour later, I came back to a dry napkin and water that was still the same temperature.  Wahoo!  And to top it all off, our Eco Vessel bottle transferred no taste to our water (metallic tasting water=yuck).
Here’s a list of what we thought about the bottle:

-Fun graphics for little kids
-Soft straw spout
-Contoured and textured so they won’t slip
-The insulation works well
-Recyclable and BPA free
-Easy to take big drinks from

-Can spill when the spout is up.  This is kind of a given though because it needs a hole to vent from and could also spill out the straw.  Unless you drop it while you’re drinking, this should not be an issue.
-Hand wash only (I sure love my dishwasher)

Overall, we really like the Eco Vessel Insulated Straw bottle as a great kid friendly product that will get kids excited about drinking a lot (so important).  If you want to buy your own, go here.  

Kids Insulated Steel Bottle with Straw Top - 13 oz - Orange with Tree

In addition to Eco Vessel giving us a bottle, they have graciously agreed to share this bottle with one of our readers.  Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1.  Leave a comment telling us your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving.

For additional entries:

1.  ‘Like’ Eco Vessel on Facebook, here, and leave a comment telling us you did.

This give away will be open until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 7th.



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