30 Easy RV Meals That Taste Incredible

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Looking for some easy meals to cook when you’re traveling in an RV? We’ve got you covered.

One of the major benefits of camping in an RV instead of camping in a tent is that you have a kitchen with you all the time. Cooking meals in your RV is a great way to save some money and continue to eat healthy while you travel.

Even though RV’s come with a kitchen, it’s pretty different than your kitchen at home. Everything is smaller, more compact, and smashed into the tiniest space possible. Of course, you also won’t have the kitchen appliances and gadgets that you would normally have at home, so making simple meals in your RV is the best way to go. Although it can feel overwhelming to cook in an RV, we’ve got 30 easy recipes that will help you see that you can make simple and delicious meals in your RV (all with limited ingredients, time, and supplies).

RV Kitchen Must Haves

Before you head out on your first RV trip, make sure that you have a few kitchen essentials to make your trip easier. Even though RV rentals come stocked with very basic kitchens, you’ll probably need to pick up a few of these before you head out on your trip. This will make cooking your easy RV meals even easier.

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Compact drying rack and mat

This is by far my favorite RV kitchen essential. This drying rack is flat so it folds up tiny for storage, yet the mat is super absorbent so I don’t end up with a puddle of water on the floor. This combination is big enough to dry all the dishes for our family of 7 for a meal, so it’s a true workhorse! It makes RV cooking easy, since you don’t have to stress about cleanup.

Large Wooden Cutting Board

Although it’s great for cutting (duh), the biggest way that we use our RV cutting board is for more counter space. This easily fits over our RV sink so we instantly have 18 inches more of precious countertop space. If I’m cutting something dry like bread I cut directly on the cutting board, but for meat and veggies, I put one of these flexible cutting boards on top for easy cleaning.

Good Quality Can Opener

Few things are worse for your dinner plans than having your can opener break in the middle of a camping trip. This is the best can opener we’ve found, and it’s lasted us over 10 years now!

Flat Grater

Yes, there are plenty of times you’ll need a grater to grate cheese or veggies. Skip the bulky box graters and grab this slim one instead.

Knives with Sheath Covers

When you start RV’ing, make sure to invest in a set of knives that all have sheaths. RV kitchen storage space is hard to come by so your knives will probably be sharing space with lots of other kitchen supplies. Grab this knife set with sheath covers to prevent accidental cuts when you reach into the drawer.

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Easy RV Meals

Easy RV meals. These meals are all fast and simple to make in an RV and require minimal ingredients. Don't be afraid of cooking in your RV - these easy RV meals are just what you need to eat healthy as you travel!

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