Does Hi-Tec’s Big Fit system really work?

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I’ll readily admit I’m a skeptic at heart.  Whenever I see a new idea, I typically think “why didn’t I think of that” quickly followed by, “well, it’s probably just a gimmick anyway”.  So, when new ideas hit the outdoor industry, we feel like it’s our responsibility to put the gear to the test (like we did with Columbia’s Omni-Heat reflective linings).

Same scenario when we heard about Hi-Tec’s Big Fit system.  They claim that because of the unique insoles of the shoes, they can grow with your child.  Well, if it really works, how come I’ve never seen it done before (and why didn’t I think of it first)?

Well Hi-Tec indulged my skepticism and sent Mason a pair to test out.  Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better test subject than my incredibly picky shoe wearer who is constantly searching for some reason to complain about his footwear (and just wear chaco sandals year round).

These shoes have been put to the test.  They’ve gone hiking and camping, played in mud and snow, ran on countless playgrounds and just about anything else an active kid can dish out.

6 months later, we have our verdict.  The Big Fit system actually works.  Yes, as feet have grown in our house, these are shoes that we will be hanging on to – IT WORKS!!


Since it’s hard to understand how it works without seeing it, here’s a video for ya.

When we first got these shoes, I looked at the volume adjuster in sole and I remember it being thicker.  Now that Mason’s feet have grown and we’re ready to take it out, it is much more compacted.  Because of this, I’m not sure that the effect will be the same when these are passed on to baby Jimmy.  Well, I guess if I can get 2 shoe sizes for one, I shouldn’t complain.

Truthfully, the Big Fit system is awesome.  We’re so pumped about it that we already have another pair of Hi-Tec’s with Big Fit in the next size up, just waiting to grow into!!


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