CAMP-USA Bambino Harness Review For Kids

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Today on day 6 of the 12 days of Outdoor Christmas we are featuring a kids climbing harness from Camp-USA. Camp USA is the American distributor for a 120 year old Italian climbing equipment manufacturer based in a small town in the heart of the Italian Alps. They have a rich history of producing world class climbing and mountaineering gear, and today we are pleased to reviewing their Bambino climbing harness.   

For our review of the CAMP Bambino, CAMP gave us one and the first thing that we noticed was that the leg loops are a different color. Awesome!  With other full body kid’s harnesses we’ve used, we’ve ended up sorting through all of the different strands of webbing, flipping it over, thinking “this way, no…it must be this way, oops, no… ok, now I’ve got it.”  So put simply, as soon as I take it out of the bag, I know instantly which loop my kid’s foot needs to go through.

For our use, because of the colder weather we’ve used it primarily in the climbing gym.  Mason’s rocked the Bambino and “likes the colors”.  The simple things matter a lot to kids. It fits snuggly around him and even Chloe enjoyed hanging around and swinging back and forth as she doesn’t climb very high yet. She’s 2.  As you can tell, I like the quick adjustments and colored leg loops.  It is one of the easiest harnesses to use and the versatility reminded me a lot of my first harness, a fully adjustable, one size fits all webbing harness that I kept in my climbing bag for years as it was always good to have a backup that could fit anyone.  I can see this one as my default, for all uses, kids harness.  As Mason improves we may graduate to something that has more features, but for simplicity of use, adjustability and convenience, the Bambino is hard to beat.

The other main feature is the Pre-Threaded Auto-Locking Buckles.  That’s technical jargon for quick and easy adjustable leg, waist and shoulder straps. They are easy to adjust and when you tighten them down around the kids, they stay.  In our experience, the ability to pull the straps tight and be done, without having to double back is pretty sweet.  Kids can be patient, but they are definately antsy to get on the wall. So the quick adjustments were great. They also hold in place well as Mason does climb after climb up and down the wall.

The size is “one size fits all”, fully adjustable harness with a maximum recommended weight of 85 lbs (recommended for age 3 – 8). Seriously, by law, our kids will graduate from the booster seat in the car before they won’t fit in the harness any more. This works great for when we go climbing and invite other families with us.  Other kids always want to join in on the fun and climb.  Luckily they don’t loose the excitement due to excess time requiring us to help them get harnessed up. We can quickly switch out the harness from one kid to another with ease because the buckle system is truly quick and simple to adjust.

All in all, this is a great family harness.  It is good for getting your young kids into climbing and it is able to grow with them or will easily fit the younger brother or sister if they graduate to more advanced gear.  We’re glad to include it in our 12 Days of Outdoor Christmas in hopes of helping you and your family get out and enjoy a fun afternoon of climbing together.


  • Did I already mention that it has colored leg loops? Ok, I’ll tell you again, I like the colored leg loops since I know instantly where my kid’s foot needs to go.
  • Great balance points while the kids are climbing. The higher tie-in loop keeps the center of gravity well below the rope attachment point, keeping our little spiders upright.
  • Fully adjustable – We were able to get it to easily synch down on little Chloe’s 25 pound frame without any trouble at all.  Then you just have to tuck the extra webbing in
  • Super easy and quick to adjust
  • A great one size fits all harness is great for having one harness that will fit nearly any size kid, especially if you are having lots of kids climb one after the other.



  • Basic harness – it doesn’t have any padding like other harnesses.
  • For smaller kids, the waist loop can ride up higher as their weight hangs on it.
  • Lacks additional features like gear loops (if your kid needs them, they’ve probably climbed enough to earn them)

We love that companies like CAMP design great products for kids that allow parents to enjoy their hobbies and bring their kids along too (yep, it’s what we’re all about).  Thanks CAMP!

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