Biking Down Vail Pass

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It’s always fun to take something common and explore it from a new angle.  For us, we decided to shake things up at Vail pass.

Vail Pass is probably one of the most well-known passes in Colorado.  Not only does it access several different ski resorts, but it’s right on I-70, so yes, it’s pretty popular.  Well, at least by car.  

A lesser known way to see the pass (that’s so much more fun) is by bike.

The brilliant people in Summit county realized that this pass would not be complete without a trail going up it.  Boy were they right.

We teamed up with a huge group(about 30 people) and headed out for a fantastic Saturday ride.  Those who were super tough (basically everyone without kids), started at the bottom, rode to the top, and then rode back down.  We were a little more practical and just met them at the top to ride down.  

(Because although we all love bike trailers, once you head out on a huge climb, you may want to die.  If that doesn’t do it to you, your 6 year old on a single speed bikes moans will surely make you pack up for the day…so just down it was!)

We rode most of the way with 2 other families.  Between us we had 10 kids!  WAHOO!  

 With lots of friends comes lots of fun, and the kids had tons of it.  With 5 riders between 6 and 9 years old, it was amazing that no one had a major crash.  Our only incidents where when the kids weren’t paying attention and would crash into each other!  HA!

This was a ride we loved to do with the kids when they were little, but this was the first time with Mason riding.  Although it’s not super steep, it is about 15 miles of sustained downhill, and we wanted to make sure he was solid on his bike (and got over his bad habit of slamming on his brakes when he got nervous) before we took him here.  Luckily, Chloe likes the trailer more than riding her own bike so that made life SO MUCH simpler!

The details:  From the summit to the town of Frisco, it’s approximately 15 miles.  If you choose to start at the Frisco Marina or in Breckenridge, the ride will be longer.  We recommend ending at a park in Frisco so that the kids have a place to play while you run a shuttle up to get the car at the top (another big advantage to going with friends – shuttle coordination).  We recommend Walter Byron Park (306 Creekside Drive) or Meadow Creek Park (828 Meadow Dr ).  If you want more detail about the route, check it out on google maps here.

Overall, this is a fantastic “longer” ride for everyone in the family!  Highly recommended by this cutie!


  • Sara says:

    It was a great trip!! We loved it too. I hope others take advantage of its simplicity, ease of access and fun.

  • Marta says:

    That is one of my favorite rides. I’m so glad you did it – especially with friends!

  • Michelle says:

    Too funny, I was just out there with my daughter in the trailer an hour ago – jthough we cycled up to Copper mountain only…perhaps in a week I’ll attempt to get higher up the pass before returning to Frisco( where we are holidaying for a month)….

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