12 Incredible Kids Sleeping Bags for 2022

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Any idea what the fastest way to ruin a family adventure is?  COLD KIDS.
Yes, I’m 100% serious.  Cold kids are whiny, uncomfortable, and mostly just miserable to be around.  Especially if they’re cold while they’re trying to sleep at night.

I have a secret to share with you: my kids have never been cold in their sleeping bags.  Truly – NEVER (not even that time that we woke up to a very snow-covered tent and my husband and I were shivering like crazy)!

best kids sleeping bags

That’s because when they are all little, we invest in really nice kids camping sleeping bags for each of them (which are all nicer than the sleeping bags my husband and I use).  They all stay warm down to at least 20 degrees (since we camp in high altitude mountains a lot and it’s COLD), and I have NEVER had a kid wake up because they were cold…and we’ve been camping with our kids for over 14 years.

How to choose the best childrens’s sleeping bag.

Not only does buying a good sleeping bag do the obvious job of keeping kids warm, but it also helps them to be happier – because warm kids sleep better, and well-rested kids are SO MUCH HAPPIER!

If you’re planning on some outdoor adventures this year, a good sleeping bag is one of the best gear investments that you can make.  Don’t worry though.  Unlike a good pair of hiking shoes that will set you back $60 and only last a year (if you’re lucky), a good sleeping bag is something that you can spend about $100 or less on, and your kids can get years of use out of (with some close to a decade) so it’s an investment that will be used year after year.  In fact, if you have several kids (like we do), a good sleeping bag can easily be passed down to younger siblings as well!

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Can kids sleep in an adult sleeping bag or do they need a kid-sized sleeping bag?

Yes, kids can absolutely sleep in an adult-sized sleeping bag, but kid-sized sleeping bags are important for a few reasons.  The first one is safety.  Most kids sleeping bags have a slippery feel to the inside of them and when you combine that with how much kids can wiggle during the night, it’s really easy for kids to end up in a tangle at the bottom of a huge adult sleeping bag.  This creates risks of suffocation, especially for younger kids.  The second reason that we use children’s sleeping bags is that they keep kids warmer.  One of the major factors in how warm a sleeping bag kids use keeps you at night is how well your body can heat up the air that’s trapped in the sleeping bag around you.  So while an adult might feel nice and toasty in a 30-degree sleeping bag, a child in that same sleeping bag could be freezing, which we talk about next.

Read all about the best sleeping bags for babies and toddlers.

Choosing the best fitting kids sleeping bag

morning camp vibes in Baja Mexico
morning camp vibes in Baja Mexico

First of all, it’s important to remember that an adult sleeping bag really won’t work to keep a child warm.  Childrens sleeping bags may feel like an unnecessary expense, but trust me, they’re worth the cost (and we have some great budget childrens sleeping bags reviewed below).

A major factor in how warm a sleeping bag is, is how quickly your body heat can warm up the space around them.  So, put a toddler in an adult sleeping bag and they have almost no chance of warming that sleeping bag up before the heat escapes out the top and the air around them cools it down.  Kids sleeping bags are not only shorter, but they are also more narrow than an adult bag.

Tip: If you’ve got a kids sleeping bag that’s just a bit too long, take a strap or a belt and tie it just below where your kids’ feet go to make the bag shorter and easier to warm up. It won’t be as good as a kid-specific bag at keeping hem warm, but it will work in a pinch!

What type of insulation is best for kids sleeping bags?

There are two main types of insulation in kids sleeping bags – synthetic and down.  Synthetic insulation tends to resist water more and down gets soaked super easily.  Down insulated sleeping bags are also significantly more money than synthetic, and many of them cannot be washed.  For this review, we are sticking to synthetic insulation since it’s overall a better fit for kids.

What temperature rating does a kids sleeping bag need?

If you’re planning on sleeping outside, you should get a sleeping bag that has a temperature rating of 30 degrees or colder.  Those temperature ratings are fairly generous, and in my experience, a 30-degree bag usually just insulates to 40-45 degrees comfortably.  Sleeping bags that have a 40-degree rating or above are best used for camping in the backyard on a summer night or sleepovers.  In this guide, we only highlight sleeping bags that have temperature ratings of 30 or below.  Like I mentioned earlier, all of my kids sleep in sleeping bags that are rated to 15 degrees or below.

warm kids sleeping bags

What is the best shape for a kids sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags come in 2 basic shapes.  Rectangular bags and contoured mummy bags.  Rectangular sleeping bags have a feel that is the most similar to a bed.  If you’re worried about how your child will adjust to sleeping in a sleeping bag, go for this style.  The disadvantage to a rectangular sleeping bag is that more heat can escape from the top since there is a bigger opening.

Mummy bags are designed to optimize heat retention and are typically more technical in their design.  These are a great option for colder weather camping.

Truthfully, some kids are really particular about the shape of their sleeping bag and other kids aren’t. If your child isn’t particular about the shape of their sleeping bag, I recommend a mummy bag.

Choosing the best kids sleeping bag weight and size?

There is a huge variety in the weight and size of a kid’s sleeping bag.  Does the weight of a kid’s sleeping bag really matter?  Some of them weigh close to 4 pounds while others are closer to 2.  Some sleeping bags pack up super small, while others would be impossible to fit into a backpack since they are so bulky.
If you think that you will ever go backpacking with your kids, choose a sleeping bag that packs up small and is lighter weight.  Trust me, there’s no way that your 8-year-old can schlep a bag up the trail that they can barely even carry.  If it’s smaller and lighter, there’s more of a chance that your child can carry all of their own gear!

Can babies sleep in sleeping bags while camping?

The answer to this is a resounding NO!  There is simply too much risk of suffocation to allow babies to sleep in a traditional sleeping bag…but there is one baby sleeping bag we highly recommend (highlighted below)

Read all about the best sleeping bags for babies and toddlers.

In our family, we usually put our babies an toddlers in a PeaPod to sleep while we camp and travel until they are about 2.5 or 3.  To keep infants warm while camping, we layer them with wool baselayers, socks, fleece footie pajamas, and winter hat.  For colder nights, a sleeping bag like the Morrison Outdoors Little Mo is perfect! The PeaPod is always warmer than the rest of the tent (their body heat warms it up), and they are always quite toasty.  To learn more about camping with an infant, make sure to read all our infant camping tips here.

12 Best Kids Sleeping Bags Reviews

Below we’ve put together our kids sleeping bag reviews of the top 12 sleeping bags for kids. These kids sleeping bag reviews are designed to help you find the best sleeping bag for your kids and your family camping situation. Below you’ll find the best kid sleeping bags for just about every budget and age of kids.

best kids sleeping bags

Overall Best Sleeping Bag for Kids
1. The North Face Eco Trail Youth Sleeping Bag

The North Face Eco Trail Kids Sleeping Bag Specifications:
Warmth:20 Degree temperature rating
Size: 9” X 16” compressed size
Weight: 3 lbs
Synthetic Insulation

Over they years, we’ve used A LOT of kids sleeping bags, and I can hands down say that in our experience, the best kids sleeping bags are made by The North Face. We were gifted North Face kids sleeping bags when our oldest two kids were born and they’ve held up longer and better than any other sleeping bag for kids. These warm kids sleeping bags keep our kids warm and toasty even on frosty cold days, and still perform just as well now, 14 years later and with a younger brother, as they did when we got them. I honestly cannot say enough good things about them.

While the exact model of North Face sleeping bag that we own is slightly different than the Eco Trail Synthetic youth sleeping bag, most of the details are incredibly similar, so we feel incredibly confident in recommending this as the best sleeping bag kids will love.

THe North face best kids sleeping bag

Best Baby Sleeping Bag
2. Morrison Outdoors Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bag for Camping

Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bag Specifications:
Ages 6-24 months
Warmth: 20 or 40 Degree temperature rating both available
Size: SMALL (about the size of a Nalgene bottle)
Weight: 9 oz

Synthetic Insulation for 40 degree bag and Down for 20 degree bag

This is one of those products that will actually blow your mind, and you’ll wonder why someone didn’t make it sooner!!  We have fallen completely in love with the Morrison Outdoor camping sleeping bags for baby.  The Little Mo is designed with the highest safety standards from the AAP in mind so that parents don’t have to worry about their baby sleeping safely while camping. Remember, it is NOT SAFE to put a baby in a regular kids sleeping bag!

This sleeping bag for baby keeps babies super warm at night with a draft tube to keep warm air inside, hand cuffs to keep hands warm, and a good amount of insulation.  This sleeping bag is basically the perfect mix of a snowsuit and a sleeping bag, so it’s perfect for keeping baby warm while camping.

As a mom, I especially love that the zipper opens from the bottom for easy diaper changes and since we all know that accidents are unavoidable, the entire sleeping bag is machine washable.  The Little Mo Camping sleeping bag for babies is available in a 20 degree down model, or a 40 degree synthetic sleeping bag.  

Use code 10BTK21 for 10% off any Morrison Outdoors baby sleeping bag

Best Toddler Sleeping Bag
3. Morrison Outdoors Big Mo Toddler Sleeping Bag

morrision outdoor

Big Mo Toddler Sleeping Bag Specifications:
Ages 2-4
Warmth: 20 or 40 Degree temperature rating both available
Size: SMALL (about the size of a camping pillow

Weight: 1lb 3oz
Synthetic Insulation for 40 degree bag and Down for 20 degree bag

Just like the Little Mo that I just raved about, the Big Mo is a sleeping bag for toddlers up to age 4. This is the toddler sleeping bag that my 4-year-old is currently using, and I fully anticipate that it will fit him until he’s at least 5 (he’s average size height and weight). He loves it because it’s super warm, and I love it because it’s incredibly small and lightweight. We’re currently planning a family backpacking trip, and because this toddler sleeping bag is so small, he can carry his own sleeping bag and clothes, just like the older kids.

The quality of these sleeping bags is great, and Morrison Outdoors even has a program where you can sell back your used sleeping bags to them, since you’ll probably only need if for a few years. We can easily say this is the best sleeping bag kids between the ages of 2-4 will love as well as the best toddler sleeping bag we’ve ever seen.

Use code 10BTK21 for 10% off any Morrison Outdoors baby sleeping bag

big mo best toddler sleeping bag

Best Budget Sleeping Bag For Kids
4. Kelty Mistral Kids Sleeping Bag 20 Degree

Kelty Kids Mistral Sleeping Bag Specifications:
Warmth: 20 Degree temperature rating
Size: 10” X 17” stuffed size
Weight: 2.65 lbs

Synthetic Insulation

This new kids sleeping bag made by Kelty is easily the best bang for your buck, so we’ve rated it as the best budget sleeping bag for kids. With a MSRP of only $45, this is the cheapest 20 degree sleeping bag for kids that we’ve ever found. To top it all off, the quality is really great as well. While we’ve only tested it in the backyard so far, we’ve been impressed with it’s warmth and overall construction (on a 34 degree night it was fantastic and toasty warm).

We especially loved the extra roomy toe box, and even my boy who does not like mummy bags said that this was comfortable and not too tight. Designed with some of the best features that Kelty puts in their adult sleeping bags, this sleeping bag for kids won’t disappoint. We especially love the offset quilting to help it last longer without developing cold spots!

5. Big Agnes Duster Kids Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Duster Specifications:
Warmth:20 Degree temperature rating
Size: 8” X 12” compressed size
Weight: 2lb 4oz
Synthetic Insulation

One of the best features of the Big Agnes Duster sleeping bag is that it has an adjustable fit.  This allows the bag to grow with your little camper so they can use the same sleeping bag from the time that they are a toddler until they are a teen.  Some of the features of the Big Agnes duster that we really liked our the exterior hook and loop closures for easy width and length adjustment. The Duster also has a DWR finish for water resistance which does a great job of keep kids dry from both light rain and condensation within the tent.  If you’re looking for a little boys sleeping bag or little girls sleeping bag that will grow with them, this is an excellent choice!

This sleeping bag is a mummy bag shape, which kids either tend to love or hate. If you’re familiar with Big Agnes, one of the best features of their sleeping bags is the pad sleeve, which the Duster has. It’s a sleeve on the bottom of the sleeping bag that a sleeping pad can go into so that your kids stay on their pad all night instead of sliding off of it! This is the best sleeping bag for camping in the backcountry since it’s so lightweight.

6. Marmot Trestles 30 Kids’ Sleeping Bag

Marmot Trestles Specifications
Warmth Rating: 30 Degrees Warmth Rating
Weight: 2lbs 9 oz
Size: Stuffed Size 7.5″ X 17″

The Marmot Trestles Kids sleeping bag is a mummy bag specifically designed for kids under 5 feet tall. The Trestles construction offers warmth and extra loft on the top of the sleeping bag, and a plush blanket-like feel on the bottom. Since comfort and warmth were a priority when building this sleeping bag, it’s a great bag for kids who really want to be extra cozy, or who may have a hard time being out of their regular bed at night. This Marmot kids sleeping bag is great quality.

7. Kelty Kids Big Dipper Sleeping Bag

Kelty Kids Big Dipper Specifications
Warmth Rating: 30 Degree temperature rating 
Weight: 3 lbs 
Size: 16”x10” Stuffed Size

The Kelty kids Big Dipper 30 is a sleeping bag kids can grow into.  The zipper at the bottom can lengthen or shorten the sleeping bag depending on the height of your child by up to a foot. To keep kids extra comfortable and avoid them getting tangled in a drawstring the mummy hood has elastic to help hug the child’s head and keep them warm and comfortable on colder nights.  This sleeping bag is designed for kids from about ages 5 to 12 and it fits kids up to five feet tall. 

8. Lucky Bums Youth Serenity II Sleeping Bag

Lucky Bums Serenity II Specifications:
Warmth Rating: 25 Degree Warmth Rating
Weight: 3.6 lbs
Size: 14″X8″ stuffed, unrolled 74″X30″

The Lucky Bums Serenity II sleeping bag is a great sleeping bag for youth or taller kids. This sleeping bag fits kids until they are 5’8″, which is almost big enough to be an adult sleeping bag, but the narrow width make it ideal for youth and tall kids. The mummy hood is great for keeping you warm as this bag is temperature rated down to 25 degrees.

9. Eureka Grasshopper Kids Sleeping Bag

Eureka Grasshopper Specifications
Warmth Rating: 30 Degree Temperature Rating
Weight: 2lb 8 oz
Size:  9.5 inches X 16 inches in Stuff Sack
Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Eureka Grasshopper is a cozy mummy bag that’s designed to fit children up to 5 feet tall.  Inside you’ll find a storage pocket that’s perfect for storing a flashlight or small stuffed animal in.  We especially love that the Eureka Grasshopper comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which always seems to come in handy with kids.  

This sleeping bag has performed just okay in our field tests and I do not recommend it for any temperatures under 45-50 degreesF (though it’s a great sleeping bag for warm weather camping with kids).

10. Teton Sports Celsius Junior Kids Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Celsius Junior Specifications
Warmth Rating: 20 Degree temperature rating
Weight: 2.65 lbs 
Size: Stuffed size 14”x8” 
Synthetic insulation

The Teton Sports Celsius Junior kids sleeping bag is specifically constructed for older kids.  The sleeping bag is a bit longer than most kids sleeping bags at 66 in long. The full-length zipper draft tube holds the warm air in so that kids stay warmer during the night, which is incredibly helpful.   There’s also a convenient pocket in the lining to store toys and flashlights (just make sure not to store snacks in the pocket and attract animals).

11. Coleman Kids 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

Coleman Kids Sleeping Bag Specifications
Warmth Rating: 30 Degree temperature rating
Weight: 3lbs 
Size: Stuffed size 14”x9” 
Synthetic insulation

The Coleman kid’s sleeping bag is has a lightweight design and is design for kids from 6 years and older up to five feet tall. This sleeping bag has a mummy-style design and it surrounds the child’s head to help keep them warm and give them individualized ventilation.  This Coleman sleeping bag comes with a 5-year limited warranty!

12. Wenzel Backyard Kids Sleeping Bag

Wenzel Backyard Kids Specifications
Warmth Rating: 30 Degree temperature rating
Weight: 2 lbs
Size: 66”x26”,  Stuffed Size: 15”x10” 
Material: 190T Polyester

The Wenzel backyard kid’s sleeping bag is rated down to 30 degrees and is designed for moderately cold nights.  The quilted construction helps this sleeping bag retain more heat, and the drawstring hood to helps keep kids extra warm on cooler nights.  This sleeping bag is a mummy bag.  

Is there a difference between boys sleeping bags and girls sleeping bags?

With kids sleeping bags, the only difference between a boys sleeping bag and a girls sleeping bag is the color. For adult sleeping bags, mens and womens sleeping bags are made differently with different lengths, widths and insulation to work better for mens or womens sleeping bags.

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  1. I go camping with my family several times a year. The Marmot Trestles 30 sleeping bag is the best in my opinion. I advise you this from personal experience with this sleeping bag.

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