Super Fun Biking Gifts For Kids 10 and Under

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Want to really foster and encourage your child’s love of biking with a great kids biking gift? We love to gift our kids gear for special occasions and since they all love biking, biking gifts have been some of our favorites through the years. These include everything from kids biking gloves to kids bike water bottle holders. Here are some of the best biking gifts for kids 10 and under.

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Best Biking Gifts For Kids Ages 5-10

Titanker Colorful Bike Lock

If you’re spending money on a nice bike for your kids, make sure to get them a lock to keep it safe. We have and love this lock because it’s affordable, the combination can be easily changed so it’s easy to remember, and the kids are obsessed with the fun colors. This is a great budget bike gift for kids that they can use every day!

Hornit Nano Headlight/Horn Combo

We are absolutely loving this light and horn combo from Hornit and think it’s the perfect way to keep kids safer on bikes. While mom and dad will love the safety features, the kids will love the fun colors and different horn sounds that it can make!

Tifosi Optics ShutOut Youth Biking Sunglasses.

We’ve been having our kids use these biking sunglasses for the last year and absolutely love them They stay on great, give good protection, and are comfortable for the kids to wear on longer riders. These are fantastic quality biking sunglasses for kids at a very affordable price

Bike Stud Earrings

Know a girl who loves to bike, but also has a bit of a girly side? These are the earrings for her. Both my daughter and niece wear these on an almost daily basis and they’re fantastic. We love that they’re durable, cute, and a fantastic price!

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CamelBak Podium water bottle with dust cap

Can you ever have too many bike water bottles? Absolutely NOT! These are our all time favorite bike water bottles. They carry a good amount of water, have a dust cap so the lid doesn’t get full of dirt, and can shoot a descent distance when you squeeze it. They’re also really durable and so much more amazing than any of the cheaper water bottles that we’ve tried out! We love these for the entire family!

Marque Bike Grips

Add a little brightness and excitement to your child’s bike while also improving their grip with these bright colored bike handle grips. Single clamp designed for reduced weight and to give you a comfortable grip. The grip is made of soft and durable compound for your palm and fingers to be comfortable when you’re holding onto the end of the grips, even if you’re riding without gloves. We love that these grips are really affordable and come in 10 fun colors.

DaKine Prodigy Kids Bike Gloves

These are our favorite biking gloves for kids since they have such a great fit for kids hands and give great protection and coverage. These do a great job at wicking moisture away from kids hands as well as giving them extra grip to hold on during long or difficult rides.

POC POCito Joint VPD Air Protector Knee Guards

If you’ve got a kid who loves to ride HARD, then a pair of these POC knee guards is a must have. They offer fantastic protection for kids riding bikes and when they’re outgrown, they’re designed to fit on kids elbows so you can get more use out of them!

Nutcase Bike Bell

Make sure that all the kids in the neighborhood know that you’re coming with this fun styled bike bell for kids. This is the perfect small gift for kids who love biking since it’s easy to put on and extra affordable.

Kids Bike Water Bottle Holder

With small bike frames, it can be hard to find a kids bike water bottle holder that can fit a kids bike. We love this bike water bottle holder since it can fit onto kids handlebars or several other places on the bike.

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Nantucket Bike Basket

We gave one of these baskets to our daughter years ago, and it’s gotten so much use. We love that it easily goes onto kids handlebars and that you can also remove it and carry it around with the basket handle. This is a fantastic high quality bike basket for kids.

Shotgun Tow Rope and Hip Pack

We are using this with our youngest and it is one of the best pieces of biking gear that we own for little kids. Whenever he has to go up a steep hill, we hurry and attach this between his bike and ours (it takes less than 30 seconds) and give him a boost up the hill. It’s the best way that we’ve found to easily help kids up hills, without needing a bike trailer. It’s perfect because it helps him conserve his energy for the downhill and also helps us move along at a faster pace on the harder sections of trails. When we’re done, he just puts it back in his hip pack until it’s time to use it again! Best bike investment ever!

Wheel Brightz LED Bike Wheel Lights

We love these fun wheel lights for kids bikes. These are the perfect kids bike gift for kids who love riding later in the day, especially during the darker winter months. They are great for making bikes more visible at night, so perfect for riding around town with kids. These are some of the most fun bike lights for kids bikes.

Best Biking Gift For Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Shotgun Pro Kids Bike Seat

We’ve used the regular Shotgun kids bike seat for a long time and the Shotgun Pro is a major upgrade. This is hands down the best piece of bike gear to get if you have a toddler or preschooler AND love to mountain bike. We’ve taken it with our youngest all over the place and it’s amazing. It’s incredibly adjustable to fit different bikes and easy to get on and off. Best of all, it’s really customizable for your child so that it can be adjusted to “grow with them”. We’ve tried out SO MANY kids bike seats and this is hands down the best that we’ve ever seen!

Best Biking Books For Kids

Shred Til Bed Mountain Bike Alphabet Book

Raising a little mountain biker? This book is for you. We love the way that they author combined mountain bike terms with fun animal characters and stories to get even the littlest kids excited about all things mountain biking. The artwork in this book is also incredible!

The Adventure Friends Mountain Bike Day

The adorable Adventure Friends are back and this time, they’re going on a mountain bikes adventure. We love the story of these 4 animals as they explore, play, and learn about biking together.

The Kids Cycling Handbook

This is the ideal portable handbook for bike-loving kids, packed with cycling instructions, methods, facts, and history, as well as inspirational biographies of great riders. Whether you’re into mountain biking or road racing, it’s all covered, from changing a flat to learning a BMX stunt to purchasing your next bike. This is one of the best biking books for kids!

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