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This year, we decided to do something that we’ve never done before – get all 7 members of our family new ski gear in the same season.  It was long overdue, as it had been several years since most of us had a new coat (thank goodness for hand-me-downs), but with the amount of time we spend outside in the winter, we knew that getting new outerwear for everyone was an investment in our adventures together.

It’s no secret that if you have high quality outdoor gear, it’s easier to enjoy your time outside, especially in winter. Warm, high quality gear is worth the money every time, even with growing kids. We don’t skim on quality when it comes to boots, gloves, or base layers for our kids, because we know that good quality gear will help us enjoy winter more and will last for years to be easily be passed down to younger siblings, or last an adult for years.

How to choose the best outerwear for the entire family

When we started looking at new outerwear for everyone, I was quickly overwhelmed. There are so many options out there and it’s hard to find things that are great quality but that won’t totally kill our budget. So I decided what features were the most important to us (waterproof, warm, good technical features), and picked a budget.

After going through all the brands that our family has worn in the past, one brand stood out to me for it’s quality and really great prices – Boulder Gear. I quickly hopped on their website and was thrilled to find that their sizing starts at 2T and goes all the way to adults, so it was exactly what we needed.

Why we keep choosing Boulder Gear outerwear for our family 

We first tried out Boulder Gear 7 years ago, and since then our family has owned 4 of their coats and at least 3 pairs of snow pants.  All of these were great quality, and best of all, were able to be passed down through several children (or in my husband’s case, worn for 7 consecutive seasons).  We also noticed that Boulder Gear integrates a lot of high end features into their outerwear, so I can get a fully loaded coat for hundreds of dollars less than other brands.  

Finally, we love that Boulder Gear is a really affordable brand, so we know that our money is well spent.  In the outdoor industry it’s a rare find to find a brand that can offer quality, features, and low prices all in one, but Boulder Gear certainly does.  

Boulder Gear has outerwear for the entire family

Another reason that we chose to get everyone Boulder Gear outerwear this year is because they have something for the entire family.  Their sizes start at size 2T and go through adult sizes. They also have a wide variety of styles so in one place I can get sporty looks for part of the family, and more fashion focused choices for others and know that it’s all going to be great quality. So instead of hunting down coats for everyone at a bunch of different stores or websites, I can go straight to Boulder Gear and get everything we need in one place.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all shopping were this easy?!?

Less time shopping, and more time adventuring is always a good thing!

skiing  family

Is Boulder Gear outerwear waterproof?  

YES!  Almost all of their outerwear has a 10,000mm DWR finish on it so they do such a good job at keeping everyone dry.  Even when the kids are out rolling around in the snow for HOURS they never get soaked through (though after hours in the snow, the fabric obviously does absorb some wetness, as all outerwear does).  Staying dry in the winter is one of the most important pieces to enjoying your time outside so this is a major win for Boulder Gear.  

Where can I get the best prices on Boulder Gear Outerwear and clothing?

One of the best things about Boulder Gear Outerwear and clothing is that it often goes on sale at deeply discounted prices, making many of the pieces about the same price as you would find at a big discount store like Target or Costco.  

  1. Always check the Boulder Gear website first.  They have the best selection and will have colors that other sites may be missing.
  2. Look at Peter Glen Sports Online.  Peter Glen carries one of the best selections of Boulder Gear clothing and outerwear of any online store.
  3. Look on Amazon.  Yes, there are some really great deals on Boulder Gear Outerwear on Amazon, especially if you’re okay getting last years model.
  4. Check out Sierra.com for closeout prices on Boulder Gear outerwear.  We’ve gotten several of our pieces there for over 50% off of retail prices.  Note – if you find a good deal there, grab it quick as inventory often sells out quickly.
toddler skiing

Our Favorite Boulder Gear Outerwear for the whole family

Boulder Gear Outerwear for Women

Josie Jacket

The Josie Jacket is a perfect combination of sportiness and style.  I have totally fallen in love with this coat. It’s the perfect thickness so I’m always warm but not overheating.  My favorite thing about the Josie jacket has got to be the fit. It’s designed to have a tailored look, but it still allows me full range of motion so I can do just about anything I want while wearing this jacket.  

Boulder gear josie jacket

Features that we love the most about the Josie jacket:
-Large interior pocket 
-Powder skirt that stays in place so no snow gets in the waist
-Wrist cuffs with thumb holes so no snow gets up the sleeves
-7 pockets to keep everything organized
-Detachable fur trim on the hood
-Pops of RED color to accent the jacket 
-Pit zips for easy ventilation

Marvel Bibs

Ladies, if you’re not already wearing bib snow pants, RUN and get yourself a pair of these.  They are SO COMFORTABLE – like the difference between wearing a maxi dress vs pants comfortable (don’t we all just LOVE a cozy maxi dress?).  These pants are a slim fit and they also have a bit of a stretch to them so that helps them to be both comfortable and stylish at the same time.    

boulder gear marvel bib

Features that we love the most about the Marvel bib:
-Pockets are seam sealed and taped so I don’t worry about things inside getting wet
-Stretchy material makes them really comfortable and allows more movement
-Cute button detailing on the pants BUT with the ease of velcro and a zipper underneath
-Stretchy panel in the back of the pants so they fit well no matter where or how I bend
-BIBS!  Need I say more, ladies??

Boulder Gear Outerwear for Men

Eiger Jacket

The Eiger Jacket is a great top of the line jacket for men from Boulder Gear.  It’s warm without being too hot and it has a large interior pocket, like the Millie jacket, as well as several other secure pockets all over the coat.  The extra large zipper gives the jacket a rugged look, while in reality, the large zipper make the coat easy to get on and off with gloves on. Another fantastic feature of this coat is the hood.  It cinches down, is big enough to fit over a helmet and has a visor for days when the weather turns nasty. Perhaps the best feature of the jacket is the wrist cuffs. They not only keep snow out, but they keep the jacket pulled down so that you never have an annoying “wrist gap” (Andrew is 6’2” with very long arms so this is something we can really appreciate).

boulder gear eiger jacket

Features that we love about the Boulder Gear Eiger Jacket:
-Giant pocket on the inside of the coat that’s big enough for goggles (or tons of snacks and treats)
-Large hood that can fit over a helmet
-Secure wrist cuffs
-Adjustable powder skirt
-Drawstring waist

Cruiser Pants

These are not the snow pants you grew up with – in fact they’re different from any other snow pants that I’ve worn before.  They are only lightly lined, which makes them more versatile in different weather conditions, and I never get too hot wearing them.  They are made of a material similar to the women’s Marvel Bibs, with a little bit of stretch so you can move all over the place. The zippers all have taped seams so I never worry about my phone or keys getting wet from the outside.  

man jumping off cliff with skis

Features that we love about the Boulder Gear Cruiser Pants for Men:
-Lightly lined – not too hot or too cold
-Leg vents for extra air circulation
-Taped seams on the zippers
-Stretchy material for comfort and better range of motion

Best Boulder Gear Outerwear for Kids   

Boulder Gear Kids outerwear is available in size 2T up to 7 (bigger sizes are in the youth products).  While they are designed for pint sized humans, the attention to detail is really great and there are a lot of features that we really love.

Boys Dynamo and Thriller Jackets

Our youngest boys are wearing the Dynamo and Thriller jackets from Boulder Gear this winter.  While the jackets have different names most of the features are incredibly similar. Both feature an elasticized hood that’s also fully detachable.  Each has a set of zippered pockets in the front as well as a velcro pocket in the inside (perfect for an RFID ski pass). I also love that there is a snow skirt on the inside as well as a drawstring around the bottom to really help keep snow out and kids warmer.  My favorite feature is the Grow Cuffs which will easily let us have an extra year of use out of the coats (by using the Grow Cuffs, the sleeves extend by 1.5”). Both of my boys are very particular about the texture and feel of fabrics so having a fleece lined collar really helps them to feel more comfortable throughout the day as well. 

little boys boulder gear

Before I got these for the boys, I really debated a lot on what size to get since both boys are kind of between sizes.  I actually ended up going for the lower size and it’s still pretty generous, so keep that in mind. I also really like that the coats are a bit longer than most kid sized coats, which helps keep them warmer and keep the snow out as well.  

Features that we love about the Boulder Gear Dynamo and Thriller jackets:
-Detachable hood that is elasticized
-Zipper pockets
-Snow skirt
-Longer length
-Fleece lined collar for comfort

little boys skiing

Boys Nestor Bib Snow Pants

The Nestor bibs are my all time favorite snow pants for kids.  I love that the straps are wide and fit more like a vest than an overall, so the straps never fall off the kids shoulders, giving us a good secure fit.  The bibs are also fully insulated all the way up, so the kids core always stays nice and toasty, which allows us to stay outside on our adventures longer. 

Since both the boys are particular about the fabrics that they wear, having most of the upper part of the bibs be fleece really makes a difference for them since the soft material makes them much more comfortable throughout the day.     Each pair of pants also has a little velcro pocket in the chest which is the perfect placement for ski passes. Both of our boys store their passes in there and it positions them at the perfect height to go through the scanners.

kids skiing with edgie wedgie

Features that we love about the Boulder Gear Nestor Bib Snow Pants:
-Insulated fleece top keeps kids core warmer
-Velcro straps instead of buckles
-Ski pass chest pocket
-Stretchy section at the back of the pants for more flexibility
-Grow Cuffs add 1.5” to the length of the legs

Boulder Gear Outerwear for Youth

Boulder Gear youth outerwear is available in sizes 6-14 for kids and the features that are packed into these youth pieces are absolutely amazing!  Yes, you’ll notice that the sizing for the youth and kids outerwear overlap a little bit – if you’re an in between size, I highly recommend choosing the youth outerwear since it has better features.

The youth line is one of the all-star stand-out outerwear lines from Boulder Gear.  The features that are in these coats are things that you’ll find in coats that are $250 and higher, so to find them in Boulder Gear jackets and pants at affordable prices is really amazing.

Boulder Gear Youth Boys Rollins and Iggy Jackets

Our older sons ages 12, and 7 are wearing the Rollins and Iggy Jackets from Boulder Gear this winter.  While they look different in their styling, the features of both are very similar, so I’m going to highlight them together.  After years of cold wrists, my boys are over the moon about having wrist cuffs with thumb holes included. They slip them on every time they go outside and before they put their gloves on, for an added layer of protection against the snow.  

The hoods on the boys jackets are also outstanding.  Not only are the detachable, but they also have elastic for a better fit around the face as well as a strap to adjust the size of the hood (which is a big deal if your child has a very large or small head).  All the youth jackets have full powder skirts (just like the adult jackets), as well as an adjustable drawstring bottom. Combine that with lots of zippered pockets on both the inside and outside and you’ve got a pretty impressive coat.  

Features that we love about the Boulder Gear youth boys Rollins and Iggy jackets:
-Wrist cuffs with thumb loops
-Detachable adjustable hood
-Powder skirt and drawstring bottom
-Exterior and interior zippered pockets (including a headphone port)
-Longer length
-Giant interior velcro pocket for bigger items
-Pit zips for better ventilation

Boulder Gear Youth Girls Hemlock Jacket

This jacket is the perfect blend of style and function for youth girls.  My daughter loves cute, fashionable clothing, where I’m more about function.  With the girls Hemlock Jacket, we both get what we want. She gets “the cutest hood ever” and I get the features of a high end ski coat.  

boulder gear hemlock

The Hemlock coat has most of the same features of the boys youth jackets, but with a girly touch and detailing.  You’ll find a fantastic powder skirt (yes, we’ve had plenty of powder days to try it, and it’s GREAT), wrist cuffs, adjustable/detachable hood, and lots of zippered pockets.

The faux fur trim is easily removable as well, and the zipper detailing add the perfect feminine touch.  

Features that we love about the Boulder Gear Youth Girls Hemlock Jacket:
-Fur trimmed hood (detachable)
-Wrist cuffs with thumb loops
-Longer length
-Giant interior velcro pocket for bigger items
-Pit zips for better ventilation
-Detachable adjustable hood
-Powder skirt and drawstring bottom
-Exterior and interior zippered pockets 

Boulder Gear Youth Pinnacle Bib Snow Pants

If you’re looking for a simple and functional pair of bib snow pants for our kids, the Pinnacle is a nice option.  It helps keep the pants up, and even without being full coverage it does a good job of keeping the snow out. The suspenders are elastic and easy to adjust and the pants have two zippered pockets as well.  They are insulated, though the waterproof rating isn’t as high on these pants as on all the other snow pants that we currently have.  

Boy playing in snow

Features that we love about the Youth Pinnacle Bib:
-Elastic suspenders so pants stay up
-Zippered leg pockets 
-Internal snow cuffs on the legs

Boulder Gear Youth Bolt Cargo Pants for Boys and Ravish Pants for Girls

The boys Bolt snowpants and the girls Ravish pants are surprisingly similar – so much so that I’ve sent the wrong pants with my kids on multiple occasions.  The girls version has more of a slim cut and the boys is more boxy, but at first glance they are hard to tell the difference.  

These pants are very similar to what you’d expect to see in an adult snow pant, both in quality and features.  These pants are packed with features like articulated knees, adjustable waistbands, zippered leg vents, zippered pockets, and snow cuffs on the bottom. My favorite feature of these pants is that they also feature the Grow Cuffs like the younger kids outerwear.  Youth tend to go through some pretty crazy growth spurts, so think of the Grow Cuff as your insurance that you won’t have to buy new pants in 2 weeks when your child grows out of everything their size.

Youth outerwear from Boulder Gear

Features that we love about the Boys Bolt Cargo Pants and the Girls Ravish Pants:
-Pockets with both zippers and velcro
-Zippered leg vents
-Adjustable waistband
-Snow cuffs
-Articulated knees
-Grow Cuffs

Between these pants and the youth Pinnacle bibs, I would recommend buying the Bolt or Ravish instead since they are more waterproof and they have the Grow Cuffs.  

Boulder Gear Puffy Coats

We also got everyone in the family a puffy coat from Boulder Gear.  I was planning on using these mostly in the fall and spring, or as a layering piece on really cold days.  The reality is that they’ve been used every single day this winter. My kids love that they are lightweight, but still really warm so they’re perfect for playing outside or riding their bikes without the bulk of a ski jacket.  It rarely gets above freezing at our house in the winter, so this really says a lot about how warm they are.

Although we planned on using them for layering on really cold days while we were out skiing or adventuring, our regular ski jackets have been so warm that we’ve never needed to add extra layers.  

The Boulder Gear kids and youth puffy jackets are all very similar.  The boys version is the same from size 2T-14 and comes without a hood.  The girls puffy jacket comes with a hood and some diagonal stitching for a more feminine appeal.

Women’s puffy Jackets from Boulder Gear

This year I have both the D-lite Puffy Jacket and the Enchanted Jacket.  They are both are quite warm and I find myself wearing them all around town on a daily basis. 

The D-lite jacket has a bit more of a sporty look to it, and the Enchanted Jacket is more dressed up.  The Enchanted Jacket also has a really neat design stamped into the fabric to give it a different look, and the metallic zipper adds just a bit of flare.  It’s the coat I grab when we go out for walks on cold days since the extra length covers by bum and really helps keep me warmer.  

Men’s puffy Jackets from Boulder Gear

The men’s Basin Insulator is the nicest puffy jacket that Boulder Gear makes and the synthetic down insulation is really warm.  The insulation makes it really packable and lightweight which are both features that we love. It also has a nice slim design so it’s really well designed for layering, and the invisible pocket zippers are a really great feature as well.

Layering Clothing from Boulder Gear

While Boulder Gear specializes in outerwear, they do also make some great layering pieces.  All 7 of us got new Micro Fleece ¼ zip tops. They are perfect for a mid layer piece if you’re layering to add a little extra warmth.  This is probably one of the most worn pieces of clothing in our home as our kids all wear theirs as least once every week (twice if they can get away with it).  

The boys ¼ zip tops are made of fleece and they love that they’re extra soft and cozy.  Even after weekly washing, the fleece isn’t piling and still looks great.

The youth and adult micro ¼ zip tops have a smooth finish on the outside and a brushed inner.  This gives the top a more polished look, while still providing comfort and warmth. I also really love that the adult tops are plenty long (I’m 5’10”) so even when I bend, twist, turn or run, I know that I’m going to stay covered and warm.  

Like we mentioned above, Boulder Gear has served our family incredibly well for nearly a decade and their clothing has never let us down. We know it’s a brand that we can trust for high quality and low prices that everyone in the family loves.

This article was written in collaboration with Boulder Gear. All opinions are truthful and honest and are exactly what we tell our friends and family.

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