Backpacking with kids… not for the faint of heart!

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We did it when Mason was one.  We did it last summer when Mason was 3 and Chloe still couldn’t walk.  Most people consider the fact that we’ve done it twice, incredibly masochistic.  And yet somehow, we love it so much that the urge to take our kids backpacking is taking over us again.  So instead of scouring roadmaps for our next car camping trip, our minds once again return to the backcountry.  Where we can truly get away.  Here’s a brief overview of last summer’s trip and a glimpse into why we want to do it again!

15 miles, 3 days, 2 kids, 1 unforgettable trip.

It all started out like this.  Andrew carrying “the beast” with practically everything, Jessica carrying Chloe and anything else heavy the kid pack could handle, and Mason carrying his water bottle.  Everyone was smiling…

When we hit this sign at mile 1.5, I made Andrew run back to the car in one of those “I’m positive we left the car unlocked” moments (which we did not).

Since we were not so smart and didn’t start hiking until around 6:30, our kids were tired, grouchy and whiney by the time we reached camp.  Oh yeah, it was dark by this point too!  Mason wanted to be carried, but obviously, that was not going to happen.  At this point, we started to question our sanity.

Luckily, the kids slept great and in the morning we started on the epic trip into the Lone Eagle Cirque.
We passed 4 different waterfalls along the way and found wild raspberries all along the trail. We were amazed at how green everything was.

It was definately not the typical Colorado hike, which has a lot of dry areas. We kept passing through moss covered forests, carpeted with lots of undergrowth and wildflowers.  Backcountry at its finest.

Life is good

The mountains kept getting more and more intense and amazing as we went.  Our hard work was starting to pay off.

Then we got to see Lone Eagle peak. We kept getting more and more pictures as we got closer and were amazed at how cool this mountain and the surrounding areas were. We finally made it to Mirror Lake for lunch and a great break.
We were really glad the daypack had our raingear!

We took our time hiking out the next day to savor the experience.  It really was magical.  Perfect, no, but wonderful nonetheless.  Mason hiked about 12 miles on his own, and was dirty enough to prove it so proud of his accomplishment.  A chance for us to really escape everything and push our limits.  That trip was one of our defining moments as parents.  Recognizing the power and potential that wilderness has for us and for our children.  We vowed to do this again, and often.  We can’t put it off any longer.  Stay tuned while we show you how to prepare for a trip like this!

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