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Mason started Kindergarten a few weeks ago, and along with that, several changes have been happening around here.  One small, albeit puzzling, one is his choice of footwear.  My Crocs and Chaco lovin’ boy has traded his summer shoes in for, well, shoes.

Quickly these Alamosa WP shoes from KEEN were high on his list of “totally awesome” shoes.  Why?  Well mostly for the style.  He loves the red and black, the little flecks of reflectors on the back, and the tough soles.  I love that they’re waterproof because I know that as soon as the weather turns wet, he will be stomping every puddle in sight on his way into class, and these will keep him dry.

I also love that these are shoes that can easily transition from the playground to the trail (eliminating an extra pair of shoes for hiking).  They are a bit bulky and heavy, but somehow this has not detered Mason.  In fact, he’s convinced that they’re quite fast and insists on proving that by running all over in them.

Luckily, KEEN was really thinking and knew that little sisters want to be included in the back-to-school fun too. I’m totally in love with these Darby boots from KEEN, and looking at them you can see why!  As soon as I saw them, I started daydreaming of all the cute new outfits Chloe could wear these boots with, and they did not disappoint.

I know that we will especially love these when the weather gets cold.  (Chloe always complains about her feet getting hot in them, but that may be because she INSISTS on wearing them when it’s 90 degrees outside.)  The soles are very durable and tough, which will be awesome when it gets snowy.  The side zippers also make it easy to put them on and off without help!

Although I love the style, these are more style than tough functionality (like Mason’s are).  They are very well made, but don’t fit as securely or snug mostly because of their styling.  Keep in mind that Chloe is fairly petite, but they are pretty loose on her legs and ankles so they don’t provide much support (like a hiking boot would).  Also, since I can’t cinch them up around her feet, she tends to slosh around in them when she runs.  That being said, I still love them (and wish I could have a matching pair).

KEEN was awesome enough to provide shoes for this review, but these are our honest opinions and what we would tell anyone who asked us about them.  






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