Ambler Mountain Works Hats Review For Kids

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Every now and then we run across companies that we are truly impressed by.  Not just because of what they make but because of how they live their lives and the difference that they make in the world.  Ambler Mountain Works is one of these companies.  First of all, it’s run by a family with 2 little kids who are out to enjoy life and have lots of adventures.  We think it’s fantastic that they have started a company that allows them to get outside and have a great time with their kids while still doing a job they love (yes, we’re jealous).  Second, they really make a difference in the world with the hats that they sell.  Most of Amblers operations are focused in Nepal.  There they hire local women to knit the hats for them.  Not only does this give the women a great source of employment, but Ambler is very careful to make sure that the women are paid very well for their work.  Wow – now that’s something that really makes a difference.  After spending several months in rural Africa, we were able to see the difference that companies like this can make in the lives of families.  A job like this can honestly the difference between eating or starving for many people.  That’s why we were thrilled to find that Ambler is focusing a lot of their energy into building their operations in Nepal so that they can continue to help people over there.

For me, knowing how hard they work to live great lives and help others do the same would be enough to totally sell me on their company.  Then I saw their hats.  AMAZING!  Here’s a sneak peak at what they have to offer.
Tracks in Brick Birdie in PlumCanuck in Brick

Abbie in MochaSuzy in SlateThe Himalayan Collection
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 We were thrilled when Ambler agreed to send us a few hats to test out.  When I opened up the package, my first thought was “wow, I thought these looked good online, but these are even better in person”.  Somehow, the hats that we got seemed to embody Mason and Chloe’s personalities.  The unique designs made me feel like they were just for them, instead of something mass produced.

We’ve had these hats for several weeks now and can honestly say that we’re amazed by them.  They passed the first test when the kids were excited to wear them.  Then, thanks to a few early snowstorms, we got to test them while making snow forts and sledding in the back yard.  They did well, but we still kept wondering how they’d do in harsher conditions.  We decided to be brave and take them skiing.  However, we all took a back-up hat, just in case they didn’t make the cut.  Well, the back-up hats stayed put away.  These hats kept everyone toasty and comfortable even against the biting wind.  We were quite amazed.  We would have thought that since they have a looser knit than our other hats, that they wouldn’t be as warm.  Wrong again.  Everything but the very top of the hat is also lined with fleece.  This not only makes them warmer, but also very soft against little heads.  Well, after hearing me rave about my Ambler hat all morning, Andrew asked if I would trade him and let him wear it for a run.  Let’s just say, he was unwilling to give it back to me and I had a cold head, in his regular go-to hat, for the rest of the day.  These hats passed all our tests with flying colors.

-Stylish: Whenever we go out in public, people ask where I got the kids hats
-Comfortable: Once I get Chloe’s on, she doesn’t want to take it off, even if she’s sweating
-They stretch really nicely.  The hat I was wearing also fits Mason!
-WARM!  This is the most important feature and these hats excel here.
-Awesome company that’s bettering the lives of women in Nepal

-They have a limited inventory and sell out fast.  If you want a specific one, buy it NOW!

All in all, these hats are awesome and exceeded out expectations by far.  They give you all the uniqueness you could want to stand out from the crowd, while offering everything you’d expect from a serious outdoor company.  And remember, as an added bonus, each of these hats helps women in Nepal.

Today we are thrilled to announce that Ambler is giving away one of their kids hats to one of our readers.  Here’s how to enter the giveaway

  1.  Leave a comment telling us about your earliest outdoor memory.  If you don’t tell us a memory, you can’t win.

For additional entries

  1.  Like Ambler on facebook (here) and leave us a comment telling us you did.

This give away will be open until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, December 7th.

These hats would make the perfect gift for pretty much anyone on your list.  However, remember they have a limited inventory, and can sell out quickly this time of year.  Buy one quick (here).


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