Affordable Baselayers for Kids

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Since we’re all about bringing kids along on adventures, we’re here today showcasing some awesome base layers made just for them!

I have a hard enough time trying to swallow the triple digit prices that many base layers cost for myself (knowing I could wear them for 10+ years), so the thought of coughing up that much cash for a kid who will wear them for 1 or 2 seasons makes me want to cry (be sure to check out our last post on Affordable Base Layers for Adults).

Not only is it not practical, but it’s also unnecessary.  Here are some great base layers that will keep your kids warm and dry and leave you with enough extra cash to take them out for ice cream too!


Terramar Kids Micro Polyester Fleece

Price: About $20 per piece

Pros:  The first thing that all the kids said when they tried them on was that they were really soft (like a favorite soft minkey blanket kind of soft).  Yes, they are fleece, but they just feel so much nicer than most fleeces out there.  However, unlike regular fleece which is typically used for jackets and pants, microfleece is much thinner.  The result is that you get the same type of warmth, but with much less bulk (perfect for kids).  Also, microfleece does a great job of wicking moisture away from the skin, helping kids to stay warm even if they get sweaty or wet.  Terramar went one step further than that and made these pieces anti-microbial and with UPF 50+.  We love these for kids because they do an excellent job at keeping them toasty, meaning that they need less layers overall (though these are thin enough that you can still layer on top of them).

I’m also crazy about the cute details that they added to the neck of the girls tops with gathers and tucks, so they can be as tough as a boy but still look cute and feminine!

Cons:  These run REALLY big.  The XS (4/5) fits Mason (size 6) well and may even still fit him next year.  the S fits our friend Amy (a size 8-10) perfectly.  If you’re getting these, I would consider buying a size down (and you’ll likely still have room to work with )!

PolarMax Double Layer 

Price: About $15 per piece

Pros:  This is a good contrast to the Terramar micro fleece because the PolarMax Double Layer is a medium weight base layer.  It is thinner, which works great for layering under regular clothes (even jeans), but still adds insulation.  On top of that, PolarMax has found a way to make them nice and soft (almost silky feeling) without adding the bulk.

The area where these pieces really shine is with their drying capability.  They dry SUPER SUPER fast.  As we were getting the kids out of the car at the ski hill, Mason spilled his water all over his PolarMax pants.  We went straight in to drop our things off and then into the bathroom to hopefully dry them out.  By the time we got there, they were completely dry (and this was on a cold day).  I was amazed.  His booster seat was still wet at the end of the ski day, but his PolarMax pants were dry in 5 minutes!!  You can be sure that we’ll be having the kids wear these on rafting trips this summer to keep them warm in the cold water.

Cons:  None.  Just keep in mind that this is a mid-weight base layer so it won’t be as warm as a heavier weight piece.


Medalist Youth Heavyweight Microfleece

Price: $10 per piece

Pros:  Although this is microfleece, it’s much thicker and bulkier than your typical microfleece.  It’s a heavyweight microfleece, so with that comes added warmth.  When our kids ski, they can often just were these and their coats/ski pants and be good to go.  They do a good job at wicking moisture away from your body (though not as good as PolarMax) which helps a lot in regulating temperature.  In fact, did you know that microfleece is so good at wicking that it’s often used in cloth diapers to help babies stay drier?  This stuff is pretty rockin’

Cons:  The fit on these is pretty boxy.  It would be nice to see something more fitted to keep kids warmer.  Also, because they are so bulky, it’s hard to layer other clothing pieces on top of them.


Once again, we’re here proving that gear doesn’t have to be expensive to work great and get the job done!  Thanks to all these companies for making great base layers for our kids and letting us share them here!

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