Adventures + Camera Gear. Making it work (+giveaway)

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Adventuring with kids can easily make you feel like a pack mule.  By the time you get the snacks, the water, the extra clothes, the diapers, and all the other “necessities” you can easily fill up your pack – and that’s just for a day hike.  It’s no wonder that many parents opt out of taking their fancy camera with them, not to mention leaving extra lenses behind.

Well once you decide to make the jump and get serious about taking GREAT photos of your adventures, keep reading (or if you like cool gear or want to win some…okay everyone keep reading).

As I mentioned a few times last week, the first step is really learning how to use your camera.  We wholeheartedly recommend ShotRockers camera classes (for the exclusive Bring The Kids 50% off discount go here – exp May1).  After you take your class,

In January at the Outdoor Retail show, I stopped by the LowePro booth to check out all their fantastic camera bags.  I left there with a solution to my camera hauling dilemma.  The Photo Sport 200 AW:

 This may look like a basic backpack, but don’t be fooled.  First off, it’s crazy lightweight coming in at just under 3 pounds.  We all know this is awesome because when you’re hauling all your camera gear + kids stuff, the weight adds up fast.  It also has all the features that you would expect from a performance backpack – hydration system compatible, tons of outer straps to attach more gear, pockets galore, rain cover, and waist and chest straps.  To top it off the inside can fit nearly 14 Liters of extra gear + your camera and extra lens.

Second, it really can fit a lot of extra “stuff”.  I was able to carry a light lunch, extra jackets for the kids, diapers, sunscreen, and even a few toys.  No, you’re not going to be able to pack everything you own in here, but turns out that’s a good thing.  It’s kind of nice to have the excuse “sorry, I can’t take that stuffed animal sweetie – there’s just no more room in my pack”.  Yep, a great way to cut down on all the extra crap that can go along with kids.

Finally, as if all of those features weren’t enough, the real reason that I have fallen in love with this pack – the camera storage.  It easily fits your whole DSLR set-up and an extra lens in their own designated, padded compartment.  No more trying to dig through your pack to find the camera, get it out of it’s case, take your picture, put it pack in the case, and send it off to the abyss known as your backpack.  Simply take one shoulder off, swing in front of you, and enjoy the ease of the SIDE ACCESS panel to quickly grab your camera out.  Yes, I said side access panel and trust me, this is genius.  it makes it a piece of cake to get your camera gear out!  Why don’t all backpacks have an easy access panel like that?

Can you tell that we really like this backpack?  Like, a lot?  Umm, yes we sure do and you will too.

The folks over at LowePro make awesome bags and they wanted to let one of you figure that out for yourself by WINNING one!  Yes, you can win a super sweet Flipside Sport 15L bag (which we hear is really great).  Enter here:
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LowePro gave us this pack in exchange for our honest opinion, and that’s what this is!


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