Adventures with an infant: Start Now!

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Where has the time gone?  I can hardly believe that Jimmy is 6 weeks old.  There’s something about having a new baby that makes time rush by and stand still at the same time.  Does anyone else feel this way?

Although it might seem like we haven’t been doing much, the opposite is true.  We’e been busy camping, hiking, swimming, and in general having a fantastic summer.  Somehow in our new role as parents of 3, we’re feeling a little short on time :).  It’s probably because we spend so much time staring at these sweet eyes, and kissing these chubby cheeks!

There’s something about being outside with our kids that makes us feel better about ourselves in our role as parents, even on those really hard days.

Here are a few things we’ve learned for getting out with a newborn:

1.  START NOW!!  We often hear new parents talking about what age they will go do things with their baby.  Our rule of thumb is that if Mom is up for it, then go for it.  Babies are so easily adaptable that you can take them to do almost anything!

2.  Establish a habit.  Get into the habit now of going out and doing things with your baby.  It’s a lot easier to take a two year old camping if they have been doing it their whole life than one who has never been outside.  If you want to spend time outside together as a family, make it a habit so that everyone is more comfortable with it down the road.

3..  Do what you are comfortable with.  Right after you have a baby may not be the best time to pick up a new hobby, but it is a great time to continue what you used to do.  Pack up your baby in a carrier or stroller and bring them along with you.  Luckily, for the first few months they mostly just eat and sleep so this is a great time to bring baby into your routine.     Also, listen to your motherly instincts, they will help you know if your adventures are safe for your new baby.  We often recommend hiking and camping as easy beginnings.  

Oh, and don’t forget to take lots of time to cuddle your sweet little one – we sure do!


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