Adventures in Pregnancy: Choosing an “I CAN” attitude

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The second you find out you are pregnant, you are faced with a choice.  You can either choose to live deliberately and create the pregnancy/family you want or you can just sit by, coast, and cross your fingers that things turn out they way you want.

Obviously, we’re advocates of living deliberately here.  Choosing the path you want and then doing whatever you can to make it happen.

I like to refer to this as an “I CAN” attitude.  

It’s an attitude that helps capture all of the positive things about pregnancy so that those 9-months can be a time you will cherish, rather than dread.

I distinctly remember my first doctors appointment with my oldest.  I was full of anticipation and excitement, fear and concern, and most of all eagerness to meet the little peanut growing inside of me.  At the end of the appointment, the doctor went over the list of things that I should and should not do.  Well, I guess more correctly I should say the list of things I shouldn’t do since the only things he told me were to eat a balanced diet and exercise moderately.  Quickly, I was told that I pretty much couldn’t do anything that I enjoyed for the next 9-months because all of them were too dangerous.


Well, I’m a bad listener and did them all anyway, the whole time with that doctors words replaying themselves in the back of my mind that I was endangering my baby.  Constant doubt is not such a great way to start off on this adventure of motherhood in case you’re wondering.

Quickly after Mason was born, I was eager to get out on some adventures with our little guy in tow.  Instantly, everyone started telling me that I couldn’t do those things because again, I would be endangering my baby.

It was about that time that I had a realization.  No matter how much anyone else knew, they would never know my baby or love him as much as I would.  That is a gift that each mother is given for her own children.  I started letting all of those comments pass me by.  I’d politely smile and nod at others advice, knowing that no matter what their experience, I would always love Mason more so my opinion was the one that mattered for us.

 With that “I CAN” attitude (combined with endless preparation and lots of safety precautions), our family began conquering adventures left and right.  

With my following 3 pregnancies, I was able to take that “I CAN” attitude and apply it from the beginning.  No matter what my doctor had read or studied, their job was to provide me with information that they thought would help protect me.  However, along with that amazing wealth of knowledge, they really didn’t know ME.  They didn’t know my skills, abilities, talents, or past experiences.  I began to think “how can you tell me how to live without even knowing anything about ME”.

So I started having some serious discussions with my doctors about me.  Amazingly, they listened.  Although we didn’t always agree, we came to an understanding that I would listen to their advice, but in the end I would make my own choices, doing whatever I could to minimize risk (mostly falls or injury) while still being who I was and doing what I loved.

Was I concerned about my babies?  Every step of the way.  That concern impacted every step I took and every adventure big and small I embarked on.  However, choosing an “I CAN” attitude, allowed me to find a balance between adventure and caution.  A happy middle ground that helped me do what I loved while still keeping baby safe.


Yes, every pregnancy and every person for that matter is totally different.  The things that I do while I’m pregnant may or may not work for you.  While pregnancy is probably not the best time to try something physically difficult for the first time, it is a great time to keep doing the things that you’re already good at.  The things that make you tick and make you, YOU!

Want an adventurous pregnancy?  The first step is an “I CAN” attitude.

As my Dad always used to tell me growing up:

“Attitude is everything”

…and he couldn’t have been more right!


  • Kate C says:

    Nice one! I think this applies to everything in life, not just pregnancy. It’s amazing how much parenting advice you will get from a world that has no clue who you actually are and what you are capable of.

    I was lucky, I had a Colorado midwife who was enthusiastic about my outdoor passions. She outlined the general risks specific to rock climbing while pregnant, and said that if I was comfortable with those (mostly the possibility of pulled muscles that don’t heal as well), then I should go as long as I feel good! And I did!

  • Sarah says:

    I remember when I got pregnant it also seemed like the “don’t” list was 10x larger than the “do” list. Around the same time I read the book “Expect Better” by Emily Oster and it really helped me decide which recommendations I wanted to follow and which I was ok with ignoring. It’s a fantastic book that explains the statistics and origins behind a lot of the recommendations during pregnancy.

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