5 Ways to TRICK your kids into staying hydrated

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One of the great joys of parenthood is being able to trick your kids into doing something.  It’s even cooler when they have no idea that they’ve even been tricked!


With high temperatures and lots of free time (translation: running outside and sweating like crazy), kids need more water in the summer than any other time.
Help avoid the water drinking battle at your house with these 5 easy ways to trick your kids into staying hydrated:


1.  Put it on ice.  I’m still not sure what it is, but if it’s frozen and on a stick, my kids LOVE it.  They go through popsicles faster than any other food in our house, which is fantastic.  For a healthier option without so much sugar, make your own out of juice, yogurt, or smoothies.

2.  Give them snacks that are high in fluids.  Did you know that watermelon and cantaloupe have over 90% water?  Other high water content foods are apricots, peaches, raspberries, celery, and cucumber.  (source here and here)  These snacks are so yummy that your kids will never have a clue that the are helping them stay healthy too!

3.  Keep it accessible.  If there’s always an easy way for kids to drink on their own, they’re much more likely to drink throughout the day than if they have to ask you for water constantly.  Whether it’s a cup on the table, a water dispenser on the fridge or just a water bottle that’s easy to grab.  If it’s there, they’ll drink it.

4.  Offer water first.  As much as we want kids to drink a lot of water, the truth is that most of them would prefer juice or sugary drinks.  I simply tell my kids that they are welcome to have a glass of something else AFTER they drink a glass of water.  They get to drink what they want (making you such a cool mom) + you keep them hydrated = win+win!

5.  Bribe them.  “Oh sure you can go out and play with your friends…just as soon as you drink a glass of water :)”.  Even my incredibly stubborn 2-year-old can’t withstand this one that long and ends up caving in within a few minutes, drinking his glass, and then running to play!

What do you do to keep your kids hydrated?



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