5 Ways to be a more Adventurous MOM

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 Noun:  An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

Let’s face it:  Mom’s get a bad rep in the outdoor world.  They’re the ones stereotyped as always erring on the side of caution and telling their children what not to do.  Not that being safe is a bad thing, but it often be difficult to let your adventurous self shine through while being a mom.  Well, the time has come for that to change!  Time for Mom to be the one that people think of when adventures pop into their head.  Whether you’re into nature walks or extreme mountaineering, there’s always room to make yourself a more adventurous mother.  Here’s how:

1.  Define what adventure means for you.  Every person is going to have a different view of adventure.  For some it will be skiing a double black.  Others will be hiking a nearby trail.  And for some of us, just going to the park with all our kids in tow is adventurous (yes, we’ve all been there).  Define what adventure means for YOU, not your husband, neighbor, or friends.

2.  Set some realistic goals.  Find what you like to do and set goals to push yourself just a little bit farther.  Make sure that you post your goals somewhere that you can see them often.  Yep, you’re much more likely to make them happen if they’re constantly staring you in the face!

3.  Team up with other Moms.  There’s nothing to get you motivated like a good friend.  Finding another woman to team up with in your quest for adventure can help you to realistically push yourself and overcome the challenges in front of you.  Yes, having someone else who shares that common bond of motherhood, with all its ups and downs, can really make things easier.

4.  Dress the part.  Lets face it ladies, we are what we wear.  If you’re wearing something sexy, you’ll feel sexy.  If you’re wearing something that makes you feel adventurous, you’ll act more adventurous.  Get a few pieces of clothing that scream adventure to you and wear them often (think hiking boots, down jacket, cool hats, etc.).  You’ll feel more adventurous almost instantly!

5.  Just do it!  Being a mom is hard work.  Somehow we’re expected to cook, clean, work, and take care of our children, so being adventurous can easily be put on the back burner.  My advice?  Make it a priority.  If you’re always waiting until everything else is done, it will never happen and neither will your adventures.  Just get out there and do it!  You’ll quickly find that your family won’t starve, your house is clean enough, and amazingly your children are happier and healthier when on adventures with you.

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Wizbang  Classic Lightweight Hat This hat was made to be active.  This hat is the perfect choice for active activities where you want to cover your head, but just want basic warmth and breathability without sweating.  It took a while for me to get used to the fit (it’s not meant to cover the whole ear), but once I did, I really liked it.  It did a surprisingly good job of staying put while out running without me having to constantly readjust it.  Not a hat to choose for just standing around when it’s cold, but rather a great hat to choose for your active adventures (since you can never have too many hats).


Adventuress Skin Care Collection – Finally a skin care line made by active women, for active women.  Adventuress skin care is designed to protect and rejuvenate skin from all of the harsh treatment that it undertakes while on adventures.  I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t take great care of my skin.  I always thought that skin care was too high maintenance for me and skimped on it in my 20’s (and now 10 years later I’m wishing I hadn’t).  Adventuress makes it easy to take care of all your skins needs with cleanser, purifier, moisturizer, and sunscreen all in one package. I loved how gentle it all is and after several weeks of use, my skin already feels so much better.  The moisturizer and sunscreen offer good coverage without feeling heavy or greasy.  These products made me see that adventures and healthy skin can finally work together.


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