5 Tips for Rock Climbing Safely with kids

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A few days ago, Andrew and I took Mason rock climbing at our rec center.  He was so crazy excited.  After letting him watch last weeks video, he was totally pumped to get going!  We’ve taken him climbing a few times before, but this was the first time that it really caught on.  Andrew’s a fantastic climber, and I’m more of…well…ummm….a huge whimp.  It’s true.  Climbing scares me, mostly because I’m really bad at it and think I’m gonna fall every second (so lame).  Anyway, back to Mason.  Andrew really wanted him to start off on the right foot.  That meant starting with correct safety and terminology.  Here are a few tips for climbing safety.

1.  Always have someone else double check your harness

2.  Always tie a safety knot and have someone double check your knots

3.  Use correct terminology Belay On, On Belay, Climbing, Climb On, etc.

4.  Let them set the pace

5.  Know what you’re doing before you take your kids (most climbing gyms offer instruction)

For most of us, rock climbing is really far out of the realm of our everyday activities, so let your kids decide what they can do.  We’re all about helpful encouragement, but if they want to stop or are scared, let them stop.  Climbing should be fun, not scary (I should keep telling myself that one).  CLIMB ON!


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