5 Easy Ways to Keep your Family Hydrated during the Winter

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Are you planning on giving your water bottle a break now that the temperatures have dropped?  Think again.  Although your body may not be craving a cool drink after a walk to the park, hydration is just as essential in the winter as it is in the summer.  In fact, your body needs the same amount of fluids in the winter as it does in the summer!  And yes, most people don’t get enough water, so keep reading!

Dehydration can quickly lead to low energy levels and high irratability, both of which will quickly put a damper on any adventure.  So, to keep your energy high, and your family happy, here are 5 great tips to keep your family hydrated this winter.

1.  Drink regularly.  Thirst is a sign that you are already on your way to becoming dehydrated.  Don’t wait for your children to ask for a drink of water;  continually offer drinks throughout the day.

2.  Warm it up.  As the temperatures drop, the thought of a crisp, cool drink may be less than appealing.  Instead, drink warm or tepid water to warm your body from the inside out.  Although hot chocolate, tea, and cider are nice on occasion, good ol’ water is always the best source of hydration.

3.  Find a bottle that you LOVE!  Let’s face it, if you don’t have a water bottle that you like, the chances that you’ll use it regularly are pretty slim.  Find something that works for you and hold tight to it.  (I recently noticed that everyone in our family has a different favorite bottle.)

4.  Carry water with you.  Although it can be tempting to just drink at home, bringing water along on your adventures (or errands) is essential.  Did you know that your body can lose as much water by skiing or snowshoeing as it can by running?  Find a system that works for you and stick with it.  Also, make sure that you keep your water insulated enough so it doesn’t freeze!

5.  Keep track of what you drink.  A good rule of thumb is to take your weight and divide it by two.  That number is how many ounces you should be drinking.  So, if you have a 30 pound 3 year old (like Chloe), then they should be drinking 15 ounces (no way I’m telling how many ounces I need!)

Now, imagine your child having a tantrum.  You know, one of those awesome, wailing, throw themselves on the floor in public kind of tantrums.  We’ve all been there, and we all hate it.  Did you know that kids who are well hydrated have more energy and feel better?  Water might not solve all your problems, but it actually could prevent a few!

Here are some of our favorite bottles:

For adults

Thermos Brand 24 oz BPA-Free Hydration Bottle with Intake Meter.  

I got one of these this summer and I’m so hooked on it.  For years, I’ve been a Nalgene addict.  I loved that it was easy to fill, never leaked, and easy to drink lots of water fast.  What I didn’t love was needing 2 hands to open it, spilling on myself, and kids backwashing in it.  Enter the Thermos bottle.  It pops open with the push of a button and its opening is the perfect size to allow me to drink fast without spilling all over myself.  It also has a little meter on to top to monitor how much you drink (which once your kids discover, you will never be able to rely on it again since they somehow can’t resist the urge to change the numbers).  This bottle goes everywhere I go!  Now if they only had a way to keep my kids from backwashing in it…

For kids

Eco Vessel Kids Insulated Straw Bottle

We reviewed this bottle last year as part of our Christmas series and it has been a champion at handling everything 5 year old Mason can dish out.  Still no leaks, no odors, no problems.  Check out our full review here.




For Babies

Eco Vessel Insulated Sippy

After the amazing performance of the kids straw bottle, we knew that this sippy would be made to last!  I think one of my favorite features is that it holds 10 ounces of water, helping your toddler to really get a good drink.  The handles make it easy to hold, and even 5 month old Jimmy could easily hang onto the bottle (though when it was full it was too heavy for him alone).  I also love that it’s insulated so that putting milk in it for a few hours isn’t an issue (you know, to prevent nasty curtled milk at the end of the day).  It’s a winner!

For Adventures

Geigerrig Rig 700

This pack has it all.  A hydration system and a backpack all in one.  Yes, it costs more money ($125) but is awesome for adventuring.  Unlike other hydration bladders, the geigerrig is pressurized, so no sucking is required.  This is a huge bonus when your 3 year old with a dirty face and a runny nose wants a drink (just say aaahhh sweetie).  It can be a little tricky squirting water into kids tiny mouths, so think of it as a shower and drinking fountain in one (maybe our kids have small mouths, or more likely, it has something to do with an inability to hold still.)   Also, you can put a filter on it so that while hiking you can fill it up from a river and *bam* clean fresh water any time you want it.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s dishwasher safe?  No more hydration bladder mildew!  I can see this being awesome next year for family hikes.  Instead of carrying enough water for 5 people for the day, bring this along and fill it up throughout the day!  The Rigg 700 pack is pretty tough, but don’t expect to carry much in it.  I’m thinking snacks or a light lunch, wipes, diapers, and bandaids.  If you are looking to carry more gear, they also make packs with a larger capacity.Not only is a Geigerrig great to take on adventures, but by buying one, you get to GO on adventures.  Each pack comes with a SkullCandy Mountain Passport, giving you thousands of dollars of discounts at mountain resorts (think FREE skiing).  Take your Geigerrig skiing by adding an insulated drink tube to keep your water from freezing.  Honestly, it’s a killer deal!


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We would like to thank Genuine Thermos Brand, Eco Vessel and Geigerrig for supplying items for review.  As always, these opinions are our own and are not influenced by others in any way.  


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