40 Adventure Books Every Kid Should Read

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this book when they’re feeling creativeDSC_0243 - CopyEvery year for Christmas, we gift each of our kids a few books that we hope will inspire and excite them in the coming year.  Without fail, their favorite books are always the ones about adventure.

We are firm believers that teaching our kids to love books and reading is one of the best gifts that we can give them.  Through books, their world and eyes can be opened to so many more possibilities than we will ever be able to show them on our own.

So we wanted to share some of our favorite books from our book collection with you, as well as some that we’re planning on adding to our home library this year.

Spoiler Alert: Here are our top 5 favorite adventure books for kids.  This book is the one our kids grab when they are just hanging out and need some inspiration, this is the book our kids grab when they’re wanting to be brave and do something out of their comfort zone, this book when they’re feeling creative, and this book when they want to learn about a new place.

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Our Personal Favorites Adventure books

These are the books that you’ll see our kids grabbing for over and over again.  They’ve all been loved for years and most have crumpled or ripped pages and dirty covers from all the love they’ve received.  Most of them are filled with exciting facts or crazy ideas that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Classic Adventure Novels We Love

We've read or have listened to all of these books together with our kids (well, still working on the Lord of the Rings).  These books are all classics that will inspire your kids to be brave and do hard things. Some of these books our kids have read several times, and others that we listened to years ago, we are going through again with our younger children for the first time.  Many of these books are near and dear to my heart and are the reason that I love to explore so much as an adult!

Top Adventure Books For Kids Who Love To Explore

These are a few of the books that we're hoping to add to our collection this year that are worth sharing.  They all offer a good balance of education, beautiful pictures, and excitement.  We are hoping that these kids adventure books will soon become staples in our family library.

Adventure Books That Will Make Your Kids Want To Travel

If you want to get your kids excited about the world, it's really only a good book away.  All of these travel books for kids are geared specifically towards children with fun facts and interesting stories about the world all around us!

Adventure Picture Books to Read Aloud

If you're looking for a read aloud picture book to read with your little ones, we highly recommend these ones.  These kids picture books will make your little ones curious about the world, eager to explore, and excited to embark on adventures of their very own.

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