40 Adventure Books Every Kid Should Read

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DSC_0243 - CopyEvery year for Christmas, we gift each of our kids a few books that we hope will inspire and excite them in the coming year.  Without fail, their favorite ones are always the ones about adventure (well, except for a certain 4-year-old who’s obsessed with everything Superhero…but that’s an entirely different issue).

So we wanted to share some of our favorite books from our book collection with you, as well as some that we’re planning on adding to our home library this year.

Our Personal Favorites Adventure books

These are the books that you’ll see our kids grabbing for over and over again.  They’ve all been loved for years and most have crumpled or ripped pages and dirty covers from all the love they’ve received.  Most of them are filled with exciting facts or crazy ideas that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Classic Adventure Novels We Love

We’ve read or have listened to all of these books together with our kids (well, still working on the Lord of the Rings).  These books are all classics that will inspire your kids to be brave and do hard things.

Top Adventure Books For Kids Who Love To Explore

These are a few of the books that we’re hoping to add to our collection this year that are worth sharing.  They all offer a good balance of education, beautiful pictures, and excitement.

Adventure Books That Will Make Your Kids Want To Travel

If you want to get your kids excited about the world, it’s really only a good book away.  All of these are geared specifically towards children with fun facts and interesting stories about the world all around us!

Adventure Picture Books to Read Aloud

If you’re looking for a read aloud picture book to read with your little ones, we highly recommend these ones

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