15 Amazing Activities Around a Campfire for Kids

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The warmth of the fire amidst a cold night never fails to lighten up a young heart. In fact, until now, unforgettable memories of my camping days as a child still pop up. Now, it’s my kids turn to enjoy the fun and create their own memories. Are you planning the same?

I’ve got to share with you my collection of favorite activities that all can join in and play. This is our chance to keep our children’s noses off the screen and have some real fun!

Let’s go! What could be the best time but now?

15 Activities Around a Campfire for Kids:

1. Charades

Charades always come in handy with group camping games. You don’t need props to start it with. This game will bring laughter to everyone and at the same time enhance their quick thinking and imagination. In the game, the kids will guess the word on what somebody is acting out. If you are going to do the acting, you better not utter even a single clue.

2. Story Telling: I’ll start, you finish it!

Listening to stories keeps the kid’s interest. Yet, how much more if they make it themselves? Start your own nice story and let someone else continue it using their own imagination. Pass it to another kid until the last kid got to tell the ending the way he/she likes it to be. How’s that for fun? Scary stories always work best!

3. Barbecues

Barbecue is an almost tradition for campers. Not only does it taste really good but it also is a convenient food to bring for camping. The smell of marinated meat will make the kids drool while waiting for it to be cooked.

4. Toasting Marshmallows

A campfire is never complete without the toasting of marshmallows. Every kid is looking forward to this sweet, warm and chewy taste. Check out our favorite s’mores combinations and easy campfire desserts.

5. Glow in The Dark Toys and Lighting Sparklers

Lighting sparklers are exciting for the kids to play with during camping. The lonely night will be fun with a little bit of light. You can also bring glow in the dark toys for the toddlers. But remember, be extra careful not to get burnt by exercising some safety precautions.

6. Gazing at the Stars

For kids and young at heart, gazing at the stars could be magical. When everyone is full and done with games, this activity will help relax the mind and gives the opportunities for the kids to appreciate the beauty of the night. You can even start asking questions about the constellation to stir up their brains.

For extra cold nights, bring your kids camping pads and sleeping bags outside so you can stay warm while you look at the night sky.

7. Campfire Songs

Do you have your own favorite camping song? Singing together with friends near a campfire is jolly. This activity can make everyone participate without pressure. You can let the kids sing and dance for fun. Prepare songs that are familiar to them and introduce 1 or 2 new songs for them to keep.

8. Card Games

Card games are great for kids during camping. They are more easy to bring than board games. Bring those that are a click to young kids so more can join. There are plenty of card games like UNO, Phase 10 and Poop.

9. Name The Tune

There are 3 ways to bring out the tune. It could be through humming, whistling or playing an instrument. All will have fun guessing the tune. It is nice to prepare a mixture of familiar and new songs to keep the fun going.

10. Truth or Dare

Are you ready to tell the truth? If not, can you do what your friends ask you to do? Truth or dare is an exciting game, especially to young teens. It brings out the curiosity out of everyone and the agony of doing the challenges of tasks.

11. Crafts for Kids

Bringing out the creativity of the kids during camping is fun. You make use of the nature around you. The leaves are the easiest object you can play with. Try tracing a leaf on a paper using crayons or you can make a flower out of it.

12. Magic and Tricks

Well, if you’ve got the talents of a magician, it would certainly make those eyes open wide. As simple coin or hanky tricks could make a group of kids want for more. However, you can try changing the color of the fire by following the video above. It would be magical!

13. Sleeping Bag Race

This game is usually called the “Sack Race.” However, it is convenient to use the sleeping bags instead of camping. This classic game never fails to boost the kids’ energy.

Sleeping bag is not only useful for sleeping purpose but also bring to our kids funny moments. It is important to reserve these sleeping bags in the right ways for longer using. In order to know more about how to store sleeping bags concisely, I would like to recommend for you about this informative post of storing sleeping bag methods in details. You can read here and hope that it may help you figure out good methods for storing sleeping bag.

14. Let’s play Bingo!

There are Bingo games for kids. This will keep them focused and stay in one place. Be sure to prepare prizes for the winners!

15. Go Search for Insects

If there is a more curious mind among the group, it would be the little ones. Try to give them a task of finding insects just around the campfire. You can also let them identify the different insects and animal sounds around.

Above are just a few of the activities that kids can enjoy during a campfire. Since this is already an old-time way of family and friends bonding, hundreds of games have been created to make the experience memorable.

Here are some tips to keep your child safe and healthy all throughout the camping:

  • Choose a place that is safe for your family’s locomotion.
  • Assign an adult to keep an eye on the kids.
  • Plan ahead and prepare food enough for everyone.
  • Bring insect repellants to prevent bug bites.
  • Make sure the kids to wear proper clothes for the night’s temperature.
  • There must be plenty of clean water available.
  • Keep sharp objects away from kids (or practice pocket knife safety)
  • Keep a distance between the kids and the fire.
  • Do not forget to bring the first-aid kit.

Remember, fun and loving moments like these will be cherished by our kids for a lifetime. So, make the most of it. Let it be the dream they will keep until the next camping trip. Good luck, and may you have the best bonding ever!

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