10 Things to Do Outside on a Rainy Day

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Don’t let a little rain stop your adventures outside.  Keep the whole family happy by throwing on a jacket or a rainsuit and boots and heading outside to let the fun begin!

1.  Rescue Worms.  Since worms cannot survive when the soil is too saturated, they head to the surface.  Have your kids be worm rescuers by grabbing all the worms off the sidewalk and moving them somewhere else before they get stepped on.  Trust me, it will make your kids feel REALLY important!

2.  Make a Rain Gauge.  Mark a straight-sided cup with measurements on the side (1/4 inch increments is good).  Set it outside and check it throughout the day.

3.  Make Mud Pies.  If you’re lucky enough to have a mud pie kitchen, like us, this is a super day to use it.  If not, simply find a patch of mud and play away.  Be sure to take advantage of flowing gutter water to rinse off before heading inside!

 4.  Have Boat Races.  Head over to the gutter and test out your fastest boats.  Use toy boats if you want, or simplify by using leaves, bark, or sticks.

5.  Take a Rain Bath.  Chloe’s favorite thing to do when there is warm rain is to just lay down and pretend she’s taking a bath.  Silly?  YES!  Now how often can you really do something like this?  Embrace it!  (Especially if you just played in the mud)

6.  Puddle Jump.  By far the easiest, and most popular, thing to do in the rain.  Head right out your front door and splash away.

7.  Go For a Rain Walk.  Basically an extended version of puddle jumping.  When the novelty of jumping in a few puddles wears off, take a walk around the neighborhood to find all the hidden “jackpots” of really big puddles are!

8.  Catch Rain Drops.  Have a contest to see who can catch the most raindrops on their tongue.

9.  Take a Picture.  Give your kids a waterproof disposable camera and let them go crazy with it.  Encourage them to take pictures of how things look different during the rain or to snap shots of things that wouldn’t normally be there when it’s dry.

10.  Paint with Mud.  Grab a few pieces of heavy weight paper and let your imagination run wild by painting a mud picture!

What are your favorite things to do on a rainy day?

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5 thoughts on “10 Things to Do Outside on a Rainy Day”

  1. I think a “Rain Bath” is the most unusual rainy day activity I’ve ever heard of. You have a super creative girl.
    As for me . . . when it rains, I love to splash in puddles.


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