10 Fall Activities For Active Kids

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Fall is a fantastic time to get out and enjoy nature.  The temperatures are cooling down, the colors are brilliant and the air is full of fresh crispness.  Although it is tempting to pull on a sweater and curl up with a blanket on the couch, here are 10 fantastic activities that will keep you and your kids active and happy this season:

1.  Jump in a pile of leaves.  Here’s a little inspiration for ya…

2.  Go on a bug hunt.  Bugs are a serious obsession around here and catching them is a daily occurence.  Fall can make that activity even easier, as the cooler temperatures make bugs slow down and easier to catch!

3.  Make a plant press.  Before plants turn dormant for the winter, take advantage of their beauty and preserve a few with a plant press.  An easy way to satisfy your nature and craft craving.

4.  Make a leaf lantern.  Sure to be an activity your kids will remember for years, a leaf lantern is a great way to take advantage of the overwhelming amount of leaves before they’re gone.

5.  Go on a fall photo scavenger hunt.  Hand your kids a camera (and get yours too) and head out on a photo-hunt.  You’ll be amazed all the things you’ll see when you’re looking a little closer!

6.  Gather seeds.  Many plants, are getting ready to die right now so the next generation can live through their seeds (go parenthood!).  Take your kids outside and grab a few seeds for a great teaching moment.

7.  Visit a working farm.  Each fall my friends and I all load up our kids and head to a working farm.  We come home with piles of food and dirty, happy kids who know just a little more about the food they eat.

8.  Go for a hike.  I know, we’ve been pushing that a lot this last month (with our “Hiking Month” series), but go DO IT!  (Check back in next week for a mini-redesign helping you find all the Bring The Kids hiking resources even easier.)

9.  Pick some apples.  If you know anyone with an apple tree, now’s the time to help them out.  They will be anxious to get their apples picked before they fall off the tree and you will get the goodness of lots of yummy apple treats – this one’s on my list this week.

10.  Go rock climbing.  Fall can be a great time to get out and climb with your kids.  If you’re not a climber yet, but want to give it a try, head to a climbing wall/gym and take a class before investing in your own gear.  Tip: Try and climb when it’s warm and the sun is shining – climbing on a cold rock can be pretty hard.  Want more resources for climbing with kids?  Cragmama’s the expert.

What are your favorite fall activities to do with your kids?  

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