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Well, we hope that all of you have enjoyed our Christmas series.  It’s been fun to see people get excited and have you answer all of our crazy questions too!  Also, don’t forget that we still have 5 giveaways that are open until Friday at midnight.  You can find them here:

Bonus Day: Nature Photography with Tony Murray Photography
Day 12:  Smartwool Socks
Day 11:  Icebreakers Baselayers
Day 10:  Bogs Boots
Day 9:  All Terrain Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Now onto our winners.  We used the random number generator at random.org to choose the winners.  Here are the lucky ones:

Prism Kite: Alyssa Erickson who said “We want to take out kids around the world for a year once they hit high school. Not sure this will ever happen! But it worth dreaming!”

Ambler hat: Devon who said “I like Ambler on Facebook.”

Gibbon Slackline:  Steve who said “I want this because its awesome. I also like them on fb”

Eco Vessel Water Bottle:  Amelia who said “I love the stuffing!”

Lucky Bums Headlamp:  Rondah who said “I would love to start cycling with my grandsons now that they are old enough”

CAMP USA climbing harness:  Angela who said “um – of course I subscribe to your blog”

L-Bow Mittens:  Darlene Owen who said “My favorite is warm boots, we get a lot snow here and boots are necessary”

KAVU Strapvisor (3 winners):  Sara Stong who said “I would like to read more about the food you eat on your adventures. Are you a cup of soup and granola bar crew or do you make something more elaborate like dutch ovens, coleman stoves, etc. Do you have any favorite kitchen gear?”
Kim who said “I would like to see a tutorial on “how to build a snowman” for those of us who never have! ”
Mitch who said “Anything involving keeping the kids WARM!”

Congratulations winners!  Check your inbox later today for an email from me about how to get you your prize!

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