Vedauwoo: A Hidden Gem in the Vastness of Wyoming

If you’ve ever driven across Wyoming on I-80, you know it’s really not much worth talking about.  That is unless you’re really into sage brush, pronghorn, and truck stops.  For the most part, that’s about all that road offers you.

For the most part…

Enter Vedauwoo (pronounced vee-da-voo)!  Vedauwoo is one of the most unsuspecting adventure playgrounds in the west and it’s tucked right off I-80 between Laramie and Cheyenne (about 2 hours from Denver).

As you get off of the highway, you’ll see a few rocks here and there, but travel for 5 minutes and you’re surrounded by giant boulders and crazy rock formations that will blow your mind.  Travel another 4-5 miles and you’ll be greeted with scenery like this:

We camped down at the end of stump road, at the base of these cliffs, surrounded by willows and beaver ponds (that were full of frogs).  It was every kids dream (even us really BIG kids).

We were thrilled to be joined by our friends who have kids almost the exact same ages as ours, so we had 6 kids 6 and under.  It was perfect.  The kids kept each other entertained and happy as we explored all around.

Our original intent was to do some rock climbing, but since the rock was so rough, we opted for TONS of scrambling instead.  Well, that and eating all the currents we possibly could.

Andrew and Mason essentially picked the coolest looking formation they could see and we set off for the top.  

Camping near the water, there was never a lack of fun for the kids.

Even with just the pictures alone, you can see why Vedauwoo is one of our favorite spots!


  • Marta Murray says:

    Vedauwoo really is a hidden gem but it’s easy to find if you know where to look. I’m glad you discovered it.

  • Rebecca says:

    We live in Laramie and LOVE Vedauwoo! Glad you enjoyed your visit, it’s beautiful there :)

  • Kate C says:

    Vedauwoo is my favorite climbing spot in the world. If you all ever want to go up and have some fun (read: loose a little skin), shoot me a line!! :)

    • bringthekids says:

      HA! Yes, after feeling the rocks, I had visions of going home with everyone’s hands (and probably an arm, leg, and face thrown in there) a little bloody. Scrambling worked well for this trip, but I’m not sure how long we can make that excuse. Mason just wants to CLIMB!

  • Debbie says:

    When you first mentioned the name, I didn’t recognize it and was slightly amazed there was anywhere pretty to camp in south eastern Wyoming- no offense. But after seeing the pics I totally recognize it. My husband told us all about it and climbing there on our way to Jackson. He said the climbing is awesome! It looked really pretty from the highway. Glad you had a great trip! :o)

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