Friday Fun Video: Coyote Gulch Video

We had a great time in Coyote Gulch with the kids and already posted a few of the pictures here.  We also wanted to show a video to show some of the highlights of the trip with the kids.

Coyote Gulch Video

Most of the shots are just of the kids playing, which is great, they loved it!  Kids make the whole trip fun by bringing a sense of wonder to the trip.

The background on one part is that Mason, after watching Dash from The Incredibles now has some “Water Shoes”, which he thinks he can use to run on water.  He kept showing us over and over again, until it didn’t work one time…  We also found a great hole that all of the kids hid in, built sand castles, played in quicksand, made echos in the canyon and watched the stars and saw the moon come up through Jacob Hamblin arch.  All in all, a sweet trip with the kids.

As a side note, one tradition that we do on many of our longer trips is to choose a theme song.  On this trip, U2’s “Beautiful Day” was the theme song and we listened to it each morning, a few times while driving, and a few times while hiking.  It makes the trip fun and now when we hear it, it brings back lots of good memories of the trip.

The only thing that we didn’t get much of in the video was the location – the amazing canyon that you get to hike through. So here was just one more illustration of what we enjoyed hiking through with the kids.

Dwarfed by the canyon walls

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