“Triceratops? Man I was WAY off!”

While we were hiking last weekend, we came across something that looked like this…

We showed it to Mason and had him guess what it was.  His first guess was a llama.  Wow!  Good job kid.  Andrew and I were both very impressed (and proud that we had taught him so well).  Well, after we informed him it wasn’t a llama, things went downhill fast. 

 “It’s a bear”

“It’s a horse”

“It’s a dog”

“I know – it’s a triceratops”

We had to stop him at that one.  Triceratops?  Seriously?  Don’t your parents teach you anything?  “No, Mason” Andrew huffed “it’s a deer”

Mason “Man, I was way off”

No kidding!

Sydneys birthday 2011 018

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  • Kim Carlson says:

    This post reminds me of my dad a lot. He would always stop on our hikes and point out the deer “scat” (and I would always laugh inside, not sure why that word is funny to me). He would also show us all of edible plants. Loved how much he knew!

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