The Secret to Being an Amazing Wife and Mom (as told by her husband)

Andrew here, hijacking the blog for a bit, with a little Mother’s Day tribute to Jess and all the other awesome moms out there!

In case you’re wondering, I have no doubt that my wife is superwoman.   How she does it all is truly beyond me.  She’s raising four kids, she home schools, finds time to help other people, be a good friend and a great wife.

The problem is that I am constantly surrounded by men who when told of the things that our family does together say “wow, that’s amazing…but my wife would never do that”.  I usually just smile and throw out a short reply because honestly, I can’t relate.  While these friends are out golfing while their wife is out to brunch with the girls, my wife and I are hitting the trail with our posse of kids behind us.

Want to know what makes her different and sets her apart from others?  She does one thing really well.  Hop on over to Tales of a Mountain Mama where I’m guest blogging today to reveal my wife’s big secret HERE.


See, she’s amazing!


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