Snowy Day Adventures: Snow Graffiti

With winter upon us and snow on the ground, our adventures change.  Not only that, our everyday activities get turned upside down too.  Gone are the days of playing in the sandbox, traded in for building snow forts and snowmen.  To celebrate the change of the seasons, we will be doing a little series called “Snowy Day Adventures” where we will highlight some fun, simple activities that you can do on any snowy day with your kids.  Today, snow graffiti!



Spray bottles

Food Coloring

Fill each spray bottle with water and 10-20 drops of food coloring (depending on how dark you want your colors).  Send your kids outside and let them “paint” the snow with their bottles.

They can make shapes, designs, or even spell.

Make sure to have an extra pair of dry gloves on hand because this is sure to get their gloves nice and wet!


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