Rediscovering my kids

Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with winter?  I love bundling up, a fresh snow, seeing my breath, and a nice glass of warm apple cider.  I hate, that it’s so much harder to have my kids outside for a long time and that they inevitably start to drive me crazy.

A few weeks ago, I felt like I had reached my breaking point.  Mason was constantly bugging Chloe or finding some “creative” way to be destructive.  Chloe, well, umm, she was just SUPER whiny.  All of my attempts at keeping them busy with crafts had backfired and my house now looked like a confetti factory.  Oh, and top it off with the fact that the third trimester of this pregnancy is kicking my butt, and let’s just say, I was not lovin’ life.

Then something magical happened last week.  It got warm.  Like most days are in the 60’s warm.  The kids would go outside in the morning and stay for hours.  Instead of fighting, I heard giggling and squealing for joy.  The only screaming I heard was when a bug would land on Chloe and Mason would rescue her in perfect big brother fashion.  The biggest problems in our day are when I would turn into a mean Mom and make them stop playing to do something as horrible as (gasp) eat lunch or dinner (I know, how tragic).

It’s safe to say that my sanity is returning.  Instead of seeing my kids as the restless monsters that months of being primarily indoors turns them into, I see them for who they really are.  Smart, funny, happy kids.  Kids who truly love each other.  Kids who can entertain themselves for hours with nothing but a sandbox and a stick.  Kids who are brilliantly creative.  Kids who just want to have fun.  Kids who are so filthy every night that they’re giving our bathtub lots of use.  Kids who I adore.

Thank you spring for helping me rediscover my kids!  I know we’ll still have some cold days mixed in here the next few months, but this last week has given me hope and reminded me how lucky I am and how great my kids really are.


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