Our Favorites from Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 – Part two

Real Kids Shades


Image via Real Kids Shades

Imagine kids sunglasses that wouldn’t snap when your kids step on them or pull too hard.  That’s what Real Kids Shades can give you.  The Flex glasses can literally be bent in half and instantly pop back to their original shape.  Top that all off with a $15 price tag and I’m SOLD!


 Bergans Backpacks

Image Via Bergans.com

For years we’ve been looking for a backpacking pack for young kids that wouldn’t break the bank.  Bergan’s may have provided us with our solution.  Their Nordkapp Jr pack is made for kids 6-9 years old and is under $40.  From what we saw, it looks like a pretty sweet pack designed to give your kid a good introduction to backpacking!


 Hi-Tec’s Big-Fit Shoes

Image found here


Hi-Tec has developed something that every parent needs – shoes that grow with your kids.  Really!  With their specially designed and removable Big-Fit insoles, you can get an extra 1/2 size of room out of your kids shoes.  Suddenly this makes spending $60 on a pair of shoes for a 3-year-old, much easier to swallow.  We’ll put this to the test soon to see if it really works as great as they say!


Ambler Hats

 AMBLER little leaguer charcoal.jpgAMBLER little leaguer cloud.jpg

Image Courtesy of Christian Rawles

As many of you know from our Christmas series, we LOVE Ambler hats.  We were thrilled to see that they are coming out with a line of warm weather hats next year.  These hats all live up to the fabulous style that Ambler is known for, and had me wishing I could get my hands on some for the whole family.  These hats are made in Canada with organic cotton!  Keep your eyes out for these stylish hats for your munchkins (and be sure to look for their adult line too)!


Bani Bands

Image via Bani Bands

This was one of the big surprises of the OR show for me.  I’ve never been a big fan of elastic type headbands for Chloe because they just never stay on.  She had to wear a helmet to fix some problems when she was little, so her head is shaped a little differently at the back, and these type of things just don’t work for her.  When Bani Bands offered me one to take home for her, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot (also because it had purple sequins and I knew she’d LOVE IT).  I was shocked at how well it stayed on.  Even with all of her crazy running around, I only had to adjust her headband ONCE all day!  Wahoo!   Finally a headband solution that works for us!



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