More Adventures In Pregnancy Inspiration

Wow, this post has been a long time coming.  Okay not really that long, but in my head I was going to share this with you last week.  Somehow between selling our house, moving, and three kids who are trying to figure out what’s going on in their lives, this got pushed to the back burner!  Yes, life’s been a bit crazy, but really, that’s just life and we’re taking it one day at a time – and surviving!

So throughout this blogging adventure of mine, I’ve met some pretty amazing women who are not only amazing writers but also outstanding adventurers.  I simply couldn’t end off this series without sharing some of their pregnancy advice and stories.  So sit back, take some time this weekend, and browse these fantastic articles.  They’re sure to leaving you happy, inspired, and feeling like you can tackle whatever pregnancy throws your way!


5 Tips for Surviving a Backcountry-less Winter

5 Ab Workouts For Pregnancy

FInding Familiarity on Skis

Hiking, Skiing, and International Travel During Pregnancy

Tales of a Milk Machine

Hike on Mama!  It’s Good For The Baby on Board!

The Power of NOT Doing:  Thoughts on Climbing and Birth

Tips for Surviving Bedrest

Postnatal Workouts

My Doctor Said I can’t Ski…I Said Yeah Right

When Ultra Runner Meets Pregnancy

Gear Picks for an Active Winter Pregnancy

Pregnancy Workouts for Rock Climbers

7 Rules to Exercising Safely While Pregnant

A Pregnancy Rock Climbing Harness

 An Athletes Body After Two Pregnancies with PSD

Morning Sickness for Atheletes

Biking with a Watermelon Under My Jersey

What NOT To Say To An Active Pregnant Woman












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