Little Monkeys

Through and through, Mason is our climber.  Be it rocks, walls, or trees, the kid is doing whatever he can to scramble up.  So, when we found this awesome tree, he was in heaven.  It’s perfect for climbing all over, without giving me a heart attack about him being 20 feet up in the air!

Since bravery is not a problem, once he’s in the tree I usually won’t help him.  This limits how high he can go and also makes him think more about what he’s doing since he knows I won’t rescue him.  (Unless he’s climbing the scrawny elm in the backyard and I hear him screaming, 15 feet up in the tree while it sways back and forth…you know an ER visit was flashing through my head, I had to intervene.)  

His favorite thing now is to get Chloe to participate in his adventures.

Lucky for my worrying, she’s kind of whimpy about trees, just as a 22 month old should be.

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