How to Build a Treehouse: Part 1 getting inspired

Exactly 1 year and 2 days ago, we gave Mason the best birthday present a 5-year-old could ever want.

A pile of wood.

He was confused, bewildered, and even a little upset.  That is until we showed him the plans we were thinking of for the treehouse we were going to build together.

It all started out as a simple, sweet, and EASY birthday present.  We would buy a piece of plywood for the floor, some 2×4’s for rails, and have the worlds simplest treehouse built in just a few hours.

Then we got online and started searching for an idea or two.  Curse this stinking internet.  Within just a few minutes we realized that we could no longer build the worlds simplest treehouse, now that we knew what our options were.  Instantaneously, our project got 10 times harder and more expensive.  Now we love it so much, we don’t think we can ever move!

Stick around and take a peek.  Find the windows you love from one and the stairs you love from another – the possibilities are endless!  So, without further ado, here’s some awesome treehouse inspiration (for TONS of ideas, check out my treehouse board on pinterest)

The Classics



 The Fancy

The “Swiss Family Robinson has nothing on us” treehouses

The possibilities are endless!  Be sure to keep checking back in as we detail how to actually build a tree house in the coming weeks!  Until then, be sure to check out more ideas here.



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