Great deal on tough clothes

10/28 Update: All kids wear from MK’s has been removed from their site for the time and placed on Zulily at an even better price.  Act fast, deals here go really quick.  

Now that fall is here, we’re into pants season.  I hate pants season for one reason…Mason.  It’s like the kid knows he’s wearing pants and looks for any possible way to get holes in them.  Last weekends favorite was running and sliding on his knees whenever he found a non-carpeted floor.  Totally awesome.  At this rate, he’ll need a new wardrobe by New Years.  ARGH!!  Well thanks to Masons incredible ability to destroy pants, I’ve been searching for something tougher than he is.  I thought about making him wear some brown Carhartts all winter (not my favorite style) until I remembered the Mountain Khakis that all my brothers live in.  They swear that they’re as tough as Carhartts, but that they’re something you’d actually wear and like.  I was stoked when I found out they make kids pants too.

Here’s what they say about their B’s Original Mountain Pants: “Kids will be kids, so we made a high quality pant to keep up with their busy schedule, from playtime to naptime. With reinforced heel cuffs and chap-style knees, these bad boys beg for skids, slides and burnouts. All the while, they’re super comfortable on tender skin.”

Sounds like the perfect fit for Mason!  Sad story though.  Mountain Khakis is phasing out their kids line (of course, just when I find out it exists)!  Act quick though, there are still some left and they’re a screaming deal at over 50% off!    Go check them out!  Hurry!

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