Gear Review: Teton Sports Trailhead 20+ Sleeping Bag

After a long day out on the trail, exploring the beautiful world, the last thing you want is to not get a good night’s sleep.  In fact, that is one of the top reasons why many people go camping once or twice and then swear it off.  So to help you worry a little less about this important part of getting out there, we wanted to put a few ideas up to help you with that and offer some suggestions on some great gear that we’ve come across that you would benefit from looking into.

First off, the sleeping bag.  As mentioned here, here and here. for kids, this is the top piece of equipment that we recommend not scrimping on.  For years, our kids bags have been nicer than our bags and we’ve NEVER regretted them having high quality bags.   But what about you, and especially if you’re going to get out backpacking as a family. This requires a whole new level of planning, limiting weight and not sacrificing comfort.

Here’s a great bag, you’ll want to know about in your quest for a comfortable and affordable sleeping bag:

TrailHead +20°F UltraLight Sleeping Bag by Teton Sports

We’ve used this bag quite a bit over the last few months. It has been on many international trips, cold rainy nights, om high forest nights, humid, and cool desert evenings to the hot, windy nights, never had to give comfort a second thought.

Things we like:

  • Compact Size -With space a premium (carrying sleeping for 6 in one pack) it passes the test.
  • A bargain! Weighing in at a scant 2.9 lbs and retailing for $59.99 on Amazon, you’re not going to find anything similar to compare with this bag.  A quick search of REI has the first adult bag that can compare at more than double that price. Luckily for families this is a great way to add to your gear when you’re shopping for 3+ instead of just 1.
  • Warm – We live in Saudi Arabia, we are used to the heat. So when we tested the Trailhead out in cold, rainy weather, where we could see our breath steaming up the inside of our tent, it was a shock to our system.  It got down to a wet and chilly 40 on our trip. Luckily staying warm each night wasn’t an issue. Online it has mixed reviews below 40 degrees with some people suggesting a liner, but we had no issues with comfort at all, even with our “thin blood”.
  • Warranty – One of the most impressive things about Teton Sports is their mantra “affordability that lasts a lifetime”. Check out their lifetime warranty.

Areas for improvement:

No compression sack – It is already small, just over 1 foot long and 1/2 foot wide when packed. For us, space is a premium, so we just pull the bag out and it fits simply into a stuff sack with other bags. When we are out on our own, no problem.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 87″ x 32″ (at the shoulders) x 22″ (at the foot)
  • Temperature Rating: +20°F
  • Fill: PolarLite™ Insulation
  • Storage: Oxford Stuff Sack with Drawstring Closure
  • Pack Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Pack Size: 14.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″
  • Retail price $59.99 here on amazon

For price and size which are usually areas where you loose out on comfort and warmth, we have been consistently pleased with this bag and have been awakened more from the kids than from the discomfort or chill of the night.

Thanks Teton Sports for making a lightweight bag for the rest of us.



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