Family Ski Road Trip: Part 2, BOGO Skiing at Snowbasin, UT

Today, we’re continuing our ski road trip series with more great deals.  Yep, 50% off at Snowbasin to be exact (buy 1 get 1 free).

Now if you’re doing the math, these savings we’re scoring with the Geigerrig Hydration packs Skullcandy Passport
are A.MAZ.ING.  When you’re trying to ski with your whole family, little discounts add up fast, and big ones do even faster!


Skiing in Utah is a major treat for us.  Not only are steep mountains abundant, and the snow is deep and plentiful, but the resorts are CLOSE.  I’m talking about a 20 minute drive to the resort kind of close!  WAHOO.  Here in the Denver area, the closest resorts are over an hour away and you better be on the road before 7am or your drive will likely triple in time because of the crazy amounts of traffic.


As we arrived at Snowbasin, we quickly noticed that the 20 minute drive wasn’t going to be the only spoiling we got for the day.  This place is FANCY.  I mean, I was almost scared to let my kids go into the lodge because it was so nice.  We spent the day hanging out for the day in a lodge with chandeliers and gold trimmed fixtures was quite a change.  (And I swear they have the nicest bathrooms I’ve ever used in my whole life!)

Despite the fancy aire of Snowbasin, it was still very comfortable for use to take turns in the lodge with baby Jimmy.  Unlike a lot of nicer resorts where you are constantly asked by the staff to purchase something if you want to stay, here we were totally comfortable and they had no problems with our crawling boy and his ever sprawling mess of toys.

Oh, and let me tell you, the terrain is fantastic.  We are big fans of skiing the steep and Snowbasin has lots of that.  In fact, they hosted the 2002 Olympic Super-G race, so that’s saying a lot!  Both sides of the resort are brimming with steep trails and fun black runs.  The middle and bottom of the mountain has a good combination to keep kids of all ages happy (thrilled really).  In fact, it was really clear to us that although Snowbasin is fancy, they really seem to like families.  I felt like everywhere I looked, I saw skiing families, like ours, who were enjoying their time together.  A very welcome sight indeed!


The only downer that I saw, was the million signs around the lodge that say “No outside food or drink”.  I hate those things!  We had packed a lunch before we went up so we ended up still eating our lunch in the lodge and supplementing it with purchased Cocoa and Cookies and luckily, no one seemed to care.  On the up side though, everyone else up there kept talking about the gourmet food they have there so we were probably missing out big time!


An adult ticket is $82 and kids 6 and under are free.  Throw in the Skullcandy passport and our family of 4 skied for only $82!!!

Check out more about Snowbasin HERE.


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