Family Ski Road Trip: Part 1, Free Skiing at Sundance, UT

Skiing FREE?  Yes, we sure did and you can too!

Remember a few months ago when we introduced you to Geigerrig?  Well, if you will recall, when you purchase a new Geigerrig hydration system, you also get a free Skull Candy Passport with lots of free and discounted skiing.  We decided to make the most of it and take a little skiing road trip.  Stop #1:  FREE skiing at Sundance UT (yep, that’s part of the passport!).


Our love of Sundance goes way back.  It’s where Andrew learned to ski and both of us spent a good amount of time there in college (since it was only 15 minutes from campus).  There’s always something special about taking your kids back to your old stomping grounds.

Before we even got to the hill, we knew the day was going to be unforgettable.  Why?  Well, at Sundance they will let you ski with a baby in a carrier (which is becoming very rare these days).  That meant that no one had to stay in the lodge with baby Jimmy, but he could ride in style with the rest of the family.  Yes, he enjoyed the day in his Beco Butterfly II bundled up and zipped inside of our coats (where he happily slept most of the day).

Sundance is a small resort so crowds are rare and lines are short.  Perfect for kids.  The main lift out of the base is great because it has both a mid-mountain and summit offloading (which is perfect as your kids confidence progressed throughout the day).  The Magic Forest run off of mid-mountain will surely keep your kids happy for most of the day with it’s tunnels, houses, jail, and all sorts of fun.  Just to the side of the Magic Forest are tons of little trails through the trees, which are perfect for teaching your little ripper to navigate tighter spaces and let them feel adventurous and brave.

The runs get more and more difficult as you get higher up on the mountain (duh, it’s steeper) and then on the back mountain, you will be greeted by big open bowls, nice bump runs and some run steep sections.  Yes, plenty of good times to be had!

Keep in mind that this resort has older lifts (not high-speed) so this is a great time to kick back and chat with your kids on the chairlift!

The lodge is small but adequate.  There is a small grill upstairs with limited seating, but it’s pretty chill and no one will even notice if you’re just rockin’ a PB&J and eating orange slices.  If it’s a nice day (which it often is there), head out onto the deck and eat your lunch in the open air.

The one thing that I don’t like about Sundance is that the main beginner area has to be hiked up the hill a little to access and then it’s just a rope tow.  I HATE ROPE TOWS!  Truly, I think that if we want to really torture enemy spies, the government should make them take a beginner skiing on a rope tow for the day.  They are nasty!  If it’s your childs first day, I’d opt for another
resort with a beginners only ticket and a magic carpet (those things will change your life I tell ya).

For more details go to the Sundance website.

What are you waiting for?  Run out and get your Geigerrig pack today and enjoy some FREE skiing of your own.

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