Fall Photo Hike + 15 More Ways to Fill Your FALL with ADVENTURE

There’s nothing quite like being outside in the fall with your kids.  In a matter of weeks, their outdoor wonderland has been transformed and they’re seeing everything new.  Blazing colors of gold, orange, red and purple surround them.  Animals and critters are quickly scurrying about busily preparing for winter.  The air smells simply delicious.

Yes, this is a time that you don’t want to miss being outside with your kids.

One of my favorite ways to explore with my kids in the fall is with a camera.  First of all, I love to take pictures of how beautiful everything is this time of year.  Throw a kid into the picture and I’m about as thrilled as can be.


Better yet is to turn the kids loose with a camera.  We’ve given our kids an old camera (from way back when digital was a new thing…ah, the college days), and it’s amazing how much they love it.  With that camera in front of their face, they are drawn to the details and are looking for beauty all around them.  It’s an almost magical transformation.  Even more fun is to see the shots that they end up with!

Want to get the most out of your fall photo hike?  Here are some great tips from the pro’s over at ShotRockers to transform your fall photos from cool to outstanding:

10 Steps to Great Fall Photographs

Photograph Your Next Family Outing

 Take Professional Outdoor Portraits Part 1 and Part 2


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