Everyday Adventures – Quick Hikes

Have you noticed an absence of big adventure posts lately?  Well that’s because we really haven’t had any.  The main culprit behind this is Andrew’s work.  See, he’s an accountant and they work A LOT in the winter including lots of weekends.  That’s left the adventures up to me for the most part.  While the kids and I have been good about skiing almost every week for the last few months, most of our adventures have been small ones.

Then I got to thinking that small, everyday adventures, are sometimes the hardest ones to just do.  There are always a million other things that you need to do and they’re usually not planned out like the huge trips.  Hence, you’re going to see a bunch of ‘Everyday Adventure’ posts lately to help give everyone some ides on things you can do at a moments notice.  You know for those “what should we do” type of afternoons.

This weeks everyday adventure is just a quick hike.  My kids and I love hiking.  Well, actually I’m not sure that they’d say the love hiking, but they love running, playing with rocks and sticks, and getting really dirty, so hiking satisfies those needs.  A while ago Mason asked if we could go for a hike.  Not really having the energy to do anything major, we set off for a trailhead about 5 minutes from home.  All I grabbed was my camera and a bottle of water.  I sent Mason and Chloe charging ahead of me up our little neighborhood “mountain” and they were wasted by the time we reached the top.  We took a break to enjoy the view we now had of the whole Denver area.  That is until someone needed to use the bathroom NOW and we had to head back down the trail (since I didn’t have any TP with me).  The kids made it down the trail in record time and dashed right to the lovely port-a-potty (a torturous place to go when you’re pregnant).  I had visions of one of them tripping and face planting on the way down, but somehow we avoided that calamity.

Was this little adventure perfect?  Far from it!  Not only did I forget the TP, but the kids were both little popsicle when we got back to the car, wearing only their light jackets.  However, it didn’t matter.  We got outside and played, and the kids had a great adventure to tell Dad about when he got home from work.

Wanna go on your own quick hike?  I know that we are among the major minority who have a trailhead just minutes from home.  You could just as easily go for a walk on some trails around a big park or find a lake with a path around it.  Chances are, if you tell your kids it’s a hike, they’ll believe you, no matter where it is!


  • Suzi says:

    I love this post. I always say a small adventure is certainly better than no adventure at all and there are times that’s it’s better than a big adventure. You might not have the time, energy or desire to embark on a day long adventure but there’s always time to get outside for a little bit and go for a hike around the neighbourhood or visit a park close by. My favourite way to avoid the witching hour is to send my son (2 1/2) and my husband out for a hike (aka a walk around the neighbourhood)… they walk around and find rocks, leaves and sticks, they climb up and down the hills, they watch the birds and squirrels, they get some fresh air and when they return my son has the patience to sit down for dinner for at least a little bit (bonus: i get a few minutes peace to make dinner, phone a friend, etc.)

  • Looks like a fun hike. I just posted some tips for short hikes with kids. Enjoy.

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