Everyday Adventures: Exploring the River

There’s something magical about kids and water.  Put them together on a nice day and you can get instant happiness.  This is exactly what happened on our quick adventure down to the river.  After a long and tiring week, we all just needed to get away.  Thanks to Andrew getting off work on time and the time change, we were able to get in some good playing before dinner.  We headed down to the Golden Whitewater Park, and the kids took over from there.  Instantly they were jumping from rock to rock and scouting out the banks for stones to throw.  Our favorite game of the evening?  Who could make the biggest splash.  Somehow the kids kept beating us 🙂  Mason and Chloe were devastated when we had to leave, but were finally lured away with promises of pizza!  All in all, a nice, simple, everyday adventure that helped to recharge the batteries!

Materials Needed: None
Location:  Any water will do.  Lake, river, stream, or a raging gutter after a storm
Time:  Any.  We took about 1 1/2 hours, but this could easily be shorter or last several hours.
Skills:  Be prepared to bust out your best rock throwing.  Inevitably, you’re going to need it!
 Everyday adventures is a series of quick little adventures to do together with your family that all require little to no preparation.


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