Everyday Adventure: Full Moon Hike

Remember this guy?

Well, he’s been a rare sight around here these days.  See, he’s an accountant, so this time of year has him working like a crazy person.  No one around here likes it.  He’s on the verge of going crazy from too many tax returns, the kids are in some serious need of a little Dad time, and I’m feeling like a single Mom.  YUCK!  A family adventure was what we all needed, but time was our major issue, so we had to get creative.  Andrew was able to sneak away from work a little early and get home to join us just as the sun was going down.  Normally, that would be a problem, but did you notice the beautiful full moon last week?  It was gorgeous!  We quickly headed over to Red Rocks for a quick hike.

Although we went on a trail that the kids and I had done several times before, it felt completely new as we were doing it at night.  Since we knew that the moon would take a while to get up over the foothills, the kids where thrilled to use their headlamps.  It took the first half of our hike before we saw the moon, but once we did, it was amazing.  The kids were fascinated by their “moon shadows” and by how bright the moon was making the trail.  It was great.

A nice simple adventure to recharge all of our batteries.

Next time I think I’ll be a little better at planning and somehow get the kids to take naps before we do this again.  Chloe wanted to be picked up on our way back, and was asleep in an instant.  By the end of the hike, Mason had turned on the whining pretty good because he was totally exhausted from the day.  Thankfully, Andrew was great and carried Chloe to the car and kept spurring Mason on.  Can you imagine how crazy it would have looked for me to be trudging up the trail at night being super pregnant, carrying a sleeping 2 year old with a whiny 4 year old in tow?  HA!

Planning:  Almost none – we picked the trail as we were driving there

Gear:  Headlamps for everyone (or flashlights), a water bottle, and a camera

Time:  1 1/2 hours

Everyday adventures is a series of quick little adventures to do together with your family that all require little to no preparation.


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