Ducksday Swimwear + Adventure = Perfection

Summer is unfair to fair-skinned, adventurous children.  It’s like the sun in playing a trick on them as if to say

“I dare you to come out and bask in my warmth…but watch out, I’m gonna burn the heck out of you”.

If your kids fall into the same category as mine (fair skinned, easily burned, or freckled) and still love to get out and have adventures, you know how hard it is to protect them from the sun.  Honestly, I’m constantly on the lookout for summer clothes, especially swimwear, to keep my kids comfortable and protected from the sun.  Especially for my daughter!  010

Somehow, there’s this trend that every little girl needs to wear an adorable suit, with ruffles attached, and matching glittery sunglasses.  Okay, I agree, it’s adorable, but for my girl, it just doesn’t work.

She needs coverage.
She needs protection.
She needs comfort.

You see, when we go out for a day at the beach or the lake, we go for the whole day.  We go swimming EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Rashguard shirts are mandatory in our family – not just for sun protection, but also to save me from spending 5 hours a day slathering every inch of their little bodies in sunscreen.

Thankfully, the folks at Ducksday (the makers of our favorite baby snowsuit system), are now making summer wear.  And, since we’ve turned into regular beach bums around here (remember, we live RIGHT ON the Red Sea), we’ve tested it out like crazy for you.


The verdict?  This stuff is amazing.

Chloe has about 4 swimming suits, yet this is the set she chooses to wear 90% of the time (you know, when she’s not busting out the glittery glasses and tutu :)).  Here’s why it’s the favorite:

Comfortable:  The boardshorts are a little girls dream come true.  They give enough coverage that she’s not showing off things she shouldn’t (no, she doesn’t wear swim bottoms underneath), yet she can still completely avoid getting wedgies stuck in her bum (actually, she calls them “edgie-wedgies”…the ski brainwashing runs deep).  Also, the shorts are made of a special fabric that wicks moisture and dries quickly so she stays extra cool (a huge deal when it’s 110 F here).

Easy off:  Boardshorts are about a million times easier to get off when they’re wet and you URGENTLY need to go to the bathroom.  Actually I’ve learned that anytime a kid has to pee when they’re wet is urgent, since if it wasn’t an absolute emergency they would just keep playing.

Tough:  The shorts don’t pill up on the bum like a regular suit would so I don’t have to sorry about her scooting around on rocks, or sliding down sand hills.  Also, the rashguard is very well made which can be really hard to find.  It’s thicker so it doesn’t stretch out as easily (my son has already completely destroyed one from another brand, while the Ducksday one that Chloe wears looks almost new).

Cleans Well:  I was pretty skeptical about a white and red suit, but it’s working out fantastically.  The colors have not faded or bled one bit, and shockingly, the white has not stained yet – even when smeared in sea gunk and cheetos.
Seriously, this is the best swimwear we have tried, and we’ve worn it like crazy (we’ve been in summer mode for almost 4 months here).  My only problem is that it doesn’t come in MY size (and that I don’t yet own their entire collection…with 4 kids, I could honestly justify buying LOTS).

So stop wasting your money buying several suits a year, and just get your kids some Ducksday gear that they’ll love and will actually LAST!

Head over to Ollie and Stella Outfitters for all your Ducksday needs.

Ollie and Stella provided this suit for purposes of this review, but as always, these are our completely honest opinions.



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