Dreaming of Cappadocia

Göreme town

Doesn’t it look amazing?  As we’ve been searching for locations for our backpacking trip this weekend, it’s gotten my mind wandering.  All the way over to Cappadocia.  These fairy towers are located in eastern Anatolia in the center of what we now know as Turkey.  It is covered in these towers made of soft volcanic rock eroded to form a fabulous landscape.  Centuries ago, Christians used them as a refuge from persecution.  I would like to use them for an amazing game of hide-n-seek.  Enjoy some time getting a little lost!  Wouldn’t it be a blast to load the kids up and spend a week hiking through these?  They would be covered from head to toe in dirt and sand from rolling down those hills.  What a wonderful thought!  Just not until it’s cooler, because I’m a major whimp about heat!  panorama2.jpgFor now, I’ll settle for the closer alternative of Goblin Valley, but Cappadocia…someday!


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