DON’T Bring The Kids

Wait a minute…aren’t we all about bringing your kids along?  Well, yes… and no.  As much as we adore our kids, they also make us a little crazy.  They make us laugh, be silly, and then minutes later cry.  When it all comes down to it, with the crazy roller coaster that parenting can be, we need a break.  And what better way for me to take a break than by going on a date with my hot husband!

Yes, we’re close to wrapping up our marriage series here, and today we’re going to talk about dating.

Dating?  Why would I need to go on a date with my spouse?  I mean, I already got them to marry me so now I’m set!  WRONG!  Dating helps you to keep the fire, romance, and love alive and well.  It gives you time to remember that before there were kids, there was just the two of you.  It’s awesome to get to have time set aside to nurture your most important relationship so that you can recharge your batteries!

Schedule a time.
For us, nothing happens unless we both sit down and schedule it.  Andrew’s crazy busy with work and studying, and as soon as he’s not doing that, it seems like I’ve started some crazy project.  For us, dates usually happen on Friday nights.

Do something.
As much fun as a movie is, when was the last time that you had a conversation with someone while watching one?  Try and branch out so that your dates give you time to have fun together and interact.  Rekindle the adventurer that you were showing off, pre-marriage.  If you don’t plan something to do, you’ll likely end up doing nothing.  Here are some of our favorite active dates: go for a hike and a picnic, go biking, climbing at the gym, going for a walk, long boarding, head to the hills for a fire, and star gazing.

Make it a priority.
Chris and Alyssa over at the Kid Project are awesome examples of this.  They go on a date EVERY week.  Wahoo for them.  We’re bad at this.  We usually get two dates in a month.  Like many of you, our main excuse is money.  To beat that, we often trade babysitting with friends (we watch their kids on Friday if they watch ours on Saturday type of thing).  Also, we also try to do at home dates.  Here’s an awesome article listing 33 fun dates you can do at home.

Run away for the weekend.
Some of our favorite memories together are when we take off for the weekend without the kids.  2-3 times a year, we take advantage of our families, and leave the kids for a couple of nights so we can go play.  We always do this for our anniversary and it’s awesome.  Since we were married in December, most of those trips are snow related, and we love it.  It’s really a win-win for everyone.  Grandparents are happy to spoil, the kids are happy to be spoiled, and we’re happy to be alone!  Give it a try, but be warned – leaving your kids for a few days might get addicting, so don’t abuse Grandma and do it too often :)

Dating is awesome.  I always feel so much better about life after spending a night with just Andrew.  It makes me feel like a person again and not just like a maid, chef, nurse, Mom.  It’s something I want to be better at.  With #3 on the way, I better get moving and stockpile some dates since I know we won’t be getting out too much after he comes.

Be sure to check out our interview over at the Kid Project today!

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