Cozy Feet, a Guest Reviewer, and Your Chance to be a GEAR TESTER!!

As the weather cools down and the leaves start to change, my thoughts turn to all things warm.

I adore the first day of wearing sweaters again, and I get absolutely giddy when it starts snowing and I get to bust out my boots.  In the kitchen things take a quick turn from garden fresh meals (which has now frozen), to hearty soups and warm homemade bread…oh how I love warm bread on a cold night.

So when Acorn asked me to test out their newest slippers/shoes, I jumped on the chance.  Fully lined with sheepskin, rubber soles, and pure coziness – count me in.

I can honestly say that Acorn’s Moxie Boot and I are a match made in heaven (sorry, honey).  From the second the package came in the mail, my feet have spent more time in these than in any other footwear.  The sheepskin is insanely luxurious, and to really appreciate these, you MUST wear them without socks.  Your feet will literally melt into them.  Top that off with a rubber outsole and there will be few reasons to ever take these off.  A trip to the neighbors – check!  A quick game of driveway basketball with the kids – done!  An emergency trampoline surprise bounce attack – bingo!

They’re pretty much perfect for anything I’ll be doing this winter around the house with the occasional trip outside.  Yes, they will be making their share of appearances at school drop off in the morning (and possibly afternoon), but who can blame me – they’re super stylish!  What don’t I like about them?  Well, um, ahhhh…nothing – they’re rock stars.  Okay they’re not cheap, so start acting really good now and maybe Santa will stash a pair under the tree for you!
Now Acorn doesn’t just want to take my word for it – they want to hear from LOTS of people.  So, to kick things off, they sent me a pair to share for my special guest reviewer.  Meet LeAnn:

The world’s most fabulous mother-in-law, all-star grandma, and the biggest slipper lover I know.

Here’s what she has to say about the Moxie Boots.

“As soon as I put them on my feet were instantly warm.  This is a huge deal to me because my feet are always cold and the temperature of my feet determines how warm the rest of me is (cold feet =cold body).  I also loved that they were really warm but didn’t seem to keep getting hotter so my feet never felt sweaty in them.  Also I really liked that I could actually wear them outside without ruining them.  I hate having to change my shoes for quick trips outside so this is  a lifesaver.”

Much like myself, LeAnn still hasn’t found anything she doesn’t like about the Moxie’s!  Thanks for your review LeAnn!

Do you want a chance to be a GEAR TESTER?

Well hold on tight because Acorn is giving 25 people a chance to join their review crew.  What’s that?  Well, you get hooked up with your own pair of Moxie’s and in return you wear them like crazy and tell them what you think of them.  Pretty sure it’s one of the sweetest gigs ever.  Click here to join!


Thanks to Acorn for providing me with these slippers for this post!


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