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The Making of Epic Adventures – Exploring Canyonlands

So do you have memories of trips while you were growing up that are so vivid that years later you relive them over and over again?  Do you just itch to have an adventure like you had back then, ready to go out again and make wonderful new memories? We had a trip … Learn More→


BUSY – One trend that’s ruining everyone

Busy. Really busy. CRAZY BUSY. Over the past few years, this is the most common answer I get when I ask “How are you?”   Gone are the days when a vague “fine” would suffice.  Everyone wants to feel needed, important, and mostly validated in their time use.  Enter “BUSY” … Learn More→


Balancing School and Outdoor Play

This last month has been a whirlwind around here.  Mason just started first grade and it’s been a MAJOR adjustment for the whole family.  You see, having gone to 1/2 day kindergarten, this is his first year of full day school.  Yes, my 6-year-old is now stuck inside a school … Learn More→

Treehouse Design

How to Build a Treehouse Part 2: Planning

As you read in part one of our treehouse series Part 1: Getting Inspired a simple treehouse wasn’t going to cut it for us.  So now we had to condense all of these dreamy ideas into an actual tree house that could work.  This is where the planning, drawing, approvals by the boss, aka-Mason … Learn More→

Watch Out – Sitting KILLS! (and how nature can cure that)

STAND UP!  Really, do it right now as you’re reading this.  You’ll thank me by the time you finish this article.   Recently, several studies have taken place that highlight the ill-effects of sitting.  Yep, go ahead and add sitting to the list of major A recent study (found here) … Learn More→


Balancing Adventure for Both You and Your Kids

A common line that we hear from our friends who have young kids is “I used to climb, camp, (fill in any fun activity)…and then I had kids.”  Being a parent–especially of young kids–does not mean that you have to give up on doing the fun things that you “used” … Learn More→

Make your own Strider-style balance bike

(While we adjust to having baby Jimmy here, we will be reposting some of our most popular and undiscovered posts.  We hope you enjoy them and we’ll be back in a few weeks when we reach some sort of “normal” around here.) We’re a big fan of balance bikes around … Learn More→


Gardening: The Ultimate Family Project

Today I woke up absolutely giddy.  Well actually, I woke up several times during the night SO EXCITED!  The reason?  Our garden is officially planted.  I absolutely love gardening and this time of year gets me so excited about it.  I was worried that our garden wouldn’t happen this year, … Learn More→

Great Gear for Outdoor Babies

Yes, baby is totally on the brain around here.  We’re busy getting everything ready for #3.  Mostly, we’re overwhelmed by the massive amount of stuff that we have for him.  We’ve saved most of the “gear” type of items (strollers, swing, crib, etc.) as well as clothes.  Honestly, why do … Learn More→

I Like to Move It Move It – 5 Tips for Keeping Families Active

Do you like to “move it, move it”? We sure do!  Okay I just couldn’t resist putting up that clip.  I think this movie’s prettt annoying, but whenever that song comes on and Mason and Chloe jump off the couch and start shaking it, I can’t help but bust up! … Learn More→

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